Recap S1 E1: Pilot

ep1 pc1

We open with an intro scene with two 11 year old girls (Jo and Lacey) talking about Danny whose been acting strangely lately. As Lacey comments he’s probably having more family problems, Danny comes out holding a jump roper which he’s just used to strangle his aunt and says he had to do.

We jump forward to the present. Jo is now a teenager in high school. Over breakfast with her mother and police chief father, they watch a TV reporter discuss Danny’s release from juvenile prison and the fact that he’ll be attending the local high school. The fact that Danny’s father fell off a boat five months ago and is presumed dead also comes up.

Jo goes to school, runs into her friend Rico, whose a little nerdy, super friendly and seems pretty great in his limited screen time. Lacey, who has become extremely popular and is no longer friend’s with Jo (who seems to have had a much harder time dealing with the past), approaches her former-best friend and invites her to a party that night at the house of her friend Regina.ep1 pc2

Danny arrives at school. Both Lacey and Jo give him the cold shoulder. Jo eventually asks him why he killed his aunt. He says he couldn’t explain the reason five years ago and he can’t tell it now. During a psych class (do high schools really have psych classes?) most of the students make it pretty clear their dislike and mistrust for Danny and the definition of Sociopath is given: someone who can mimic human emotions perfectly but feels nothing.

In the cafeteria, Lacey’s friend Regina hits on Danny and invites him to her party. He notices the necklace she’s wearing, gets very intense and asks where she got it. She explains it was a gift and he walks off.

Danny runs into Jo in town and asks her to give him a chance. She asks him to leave her alone, saying how hard it was to grow up, known as the best friend of a killer. But even though he agrees, Jo starts to thaw towards him and he ends up asking her to come with him to Regina’s party.

Danny and Jo arrive at the party. They get separated and Lacey finally ends up talking to Danny, but she’s clearly still angry at him. Jo gets drunk and gets in an unpleasant situation with a guy (Scott) trying to get her to take off her shirt. Danny steps in and whispers something in Scott’s ear that freaks him out.

ep1 pc3Lacey offers to drive Danny and Jo home. After dropping a drunken Jo off with her not-so-pleased parents, Lacey hangs out with Danny in his room. She says she pushed Jo away to survive what Danny put them both through. He apologies and says how much he regrets not growing up with the two of them.

Lacey falls asleep on his floor and Danny receives a text message from Regina asking him to come over. He rejects her, but the last text message she sends says they need to talk, because she knows why he killed his aunt.

Lacey leaves the next morning while Danny is still asleep. Meanwhile a housekeeper shows up at Regina’s house and finds Regina beaten to death on the floor.

Jo goes over to Danny’s house to thank him for getting her home and Regina’s death is reported on TV. Everyone at school suspects Danny. Scott tells Lacey and her friends what Danny whispered in his ear: that if he didn’t stop he’d kill him and enjoy doing it like last time.

Jo’s father, Kyle, shows up to take Danny away for questioning. Jo makes a speech in front of the student body asking them not to assume Danny’s guilt.

At the police station Kyle reveals to Danny that Regina’s necklace was the only thing missing in the house. After his mother shows up with lawyers, Danny leaves, and tells Jo about Regina’s text messages. Although Jo is initially angry and demands to know why Danny killed his aunt, she seems to calm down a little when he says he needs her to trust him.

ep1 pc4

At home Danny asks his mother why she made him come back to a town where everybody knows what he did. She reveals she couldn’t sell their house and they’re not doing very well financially. She tells him sheknows he didn’t kill Regina. Left alone, Danny looks at a photograph of his aunt. She’s wearing the same necklace Regina was.

Danny pulls the necklace out and looks at it.


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