The Necklace

Question: Is the aunt’s necklace and Regina’s necklace, one and the same?

The Necklace

The necklace we see in the photograph of the aunt, and the necklace that was taken from Regina’s body, obviously look alike, and while they’re clearly connected, it doesn’t mean they’re the same one.

At the end of the pilot episode we see Danny holding a (the?) necklace. As I see it, there are two options.

1. Danny went over to Regina’s house and either took or was given the necklace and left the house before she died. (I just can’t believe he really killed Regina. Not because we know that much yet about his character, but you wouldn’t find a hero outside of an HBO show (or a similar network), going around killing people. I’m about 90% convinced he really killed his aunt. But that’s back story and I’m sure they’ve written him a darn good reason. Killing Regina, there could be no coming back from that).


2. There are two necklaces and the one Danny has is his aunt’s, not Regina’s; which probably means that whatever motive Danny had for killing his aunt is much bigger then we might realize. Maybe someone gave Regina the necklace to taunt Danny. Maybe there’s a group of some kind involved. Either way the necklace says something and connects Regina to Danny’s aunt. Or at least whoever gave it to Regina.

Personally, I think the second is more likely. I think showing Danny with the necklace is supposed to fool us into thinking he was at Regina’s when he wasn’t.

What do you think?


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