Danny’s Father

Question: Is Danny’s father alive or murdered?


There’s clearly something suspicious about the fact that Danny’s father Vikram fell off a boat five months before the show starts and his body was never found. I think everyone can agree there’s clearly more to that story. As far as I can see it though the question lies not so much in the ‘if’, but the ‘what’.

I can think of two possible directions the plot line could go.

1. Danny’s father is alive and faked his own death.


2. Danny’s father was murdered. The body will at some point be recovered and an investigation will be launched.

It’s hard to say for sure so early on. We don’t know much about Danny’s father. The murdered aunt was his sister. He had a drinking problem and he made some bad investments. He fell off a company boat while intoxicated and is presumed drowned.

If Vikram is alive, that opens a lot of questions about the aunt’s death (and by connection Regina’s) and would further point to the possibility that there’s much more going on then we’re aware of yet. Of course Danny’s could also just be covering for his father. It is possible that Danny did not kill his aunt but is instead taking the fall for someone else (I’ll go into more detail on this question later). But honestly, if Danny is covering for someone, I think there are some much more surprising and more interesting choices for who then his father.

If Vikram is murdered, it’s more likely to have more to do with Regina’s murder then the aunt’s. I do think Regina and the aunt’s deaths are probably connected somehow but four and a half years is a long time to wait between killing the aunt and the father, if the first death directly led to the second. Of course, if Danny was covering for someone other than his father, it’s possible his father was investigating to clear his son’s name and had stumbled on the truth, and that’s what led to his death.

Over all there’s a lot to be said for both options, both could take the story in interesting directions. I think though the very lack of any sort of body points far more to Vikram being alive, and there just seems something very suspicious about the fact he went missing a mere five months before his son’s release. The timing seems significant and it seems more likely there’d be a reason he’d fake his death right before his son got out then he would be murdered right before his son got out.

What do you think?


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