Recap S1 E2: Grief is a Five Letter Word

ep2 pc1The episode opens at Regina’s funeral. Kyle Masterson tells Lacey she’ll need to give a statement about Regina’s party. Jo clearly isn’t happy that Lacey hasn’t told anyone she was with Danny the night of the murder.

At home, Danny’s mother Karen tries to talk Danny into using Lacey as an alibi but Danny refuses. He asks Karen why he hates Jo’s parents Kyle and Tess so much. Karen, rather unconvincingly, claims she doesn’t.

Lacey leaves the funeral with her friends and sees a girl named Phoebe talking to reporters about how much she’ll miss Regina. Lacey gets angry as Phoebe and Regina hadn’t been friends for a year.

At the diner Rico, Danny and Jo talk about the murder. While Danny’s told them both about the text messages it’s clear he hasn’t mentioned the necklace. The three decide to try and figure out what happened in order to clear Danny and they discuss who had motive. They mention Lacey as a possible suspect and while Danny refuses to believe she could ever hurt anyone, Jo insists they ‘leave no stone unturned’.

At the police station Kyle discusses the case with his officer Sandy. They talk about Regina’s text message to Danny, and wonder if Danny recognized Regina’s necklace when Kyle showed him a photo of it. They also mention that Regina’s parents say she started wearing the necklace six or seven months ago but don’t know where she got it.

As Danny and Jo leave the diner together, Kyle drives by and spots them. He angrily tells Jo to get in the car and warns Danny to stay away from his daughter. At home Kyle and Jo argue about Danny, and Kyle says she doesn’t really know him after all he’s been through.

At school Phoebe tries to connect with Lacey but is blown off. She tells her to a grief session the school is hosting that evening.

Karen shows up at Jo’s home, and asks Tess to talk to Kyle on behalf of Danny. After Tess refuses Karen leaves angry.

ep2 pc2

At school, Jo suggests to Danny they have a dinner with their mothers, hoping it will thaw Tess towards him and she’ll talk to Kyle into going easier on him. Danny thinks the idea is silly. Lacey’s boyfriend Archie goads Danny, who goads him right back and the two get in a fight and have to be pulled apart.

The principal tells Archie he has to go to the grief session. He asks Lacey to go with him but she refuses. Meanwhile Danny has been ordered to see a school sponsored therapist. Jo is furious at him for the fight and storms off when he tries to talk to her.

Karen visits the principle and we find out the two have been having an affair. Given the way Karen acts around him, it seems she’s only involved with him for the sake of her son.

Danny meets Lacey at an old fort the three friends used to play in when they were younger. He assures her he neither gave her as an alibi nor killed Regina. He also asks how she is dealing with Regina’s death and suggests she see a professional to cope with it.

Danny goes over to Jo’s house and apologies for the fight. He then invites her, Tess and Rico over for dinner.

Karen drops by Kyle’s office and tells him about Lacey spending the night with Danny. She also mentions that Danny told her about Regina’s texts. She suggests that Kyle is after Danny because he is holding a grudge. Kyle shows her a picture of Regina’s necklace, and while Karen clearly recognizes it, she lies and says she’s never seen it before.

ep2 pc3Tess, Rico and Jo arrive for dinner. Kyle surprises everyone and comes with them. As Danny is setting the table he spots a picture on the side table of his aunt wearing the necklace and removes it. Kyle tries to search Danny’s room but Danny interrupts him.

Lacey shows up at the grief session and listens as everyone tells stories of Regina. She gets angry at all of them for faking a friendship with Regina, especially at Phoebe who then leaves the room.

At the dinner party things are growing steadily tenser and an argument breaks out. Karen resents Tess for calling her a bad mother five years ago and blames her and Kyle for not allowing Jo to be a character witness at Danny’s trial. After Kyle says Danny was lucky to only get five years for the murder, Karen storms off.

Kyle and Tess leave with Rico and Jo talks to Danny. Jo promises that though she couldn’t help him five years ago, she will help him now.

After the grief session ends, Lacey talks to Phoebe. Phoebe explains that she and Regina stopped being friends after Regina lied and told a boy Phoebe liked that she had an STD. Phoebe regrets that they never made up and Lacey admits she’s also sad that her last conversation with Regina didn’t end well. Phoebe assures her that Lacey was Regina’s best friend.

Danny tells his mother she shouldn’t blame anyone else for what happened five years ago and the only person responsible for him spending five years in prison, is himself. He then leaves telling her he’s going to the diner to do homework.

Jo comes home and assures her father she’s not angry about the dinner or the fact he didn’t let her be a character witness five years ago. But she makes it clear that she’s no longer a child and she’s going to follow her beliefs and stand up for Danny.

ep2 pc4

Kyle talks to Tess about the dinner and she mentions having seen a picture on the side table of the aunt and out it disappeared during the evening.

Danny goes to the old fort and lights a fire. He burns the pictures of his aunt and brings out the necklace. He’s about to smash it with a rock and then hesitates. He lowers the rock and sits watching the fire.


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