Who Gave Regina the Necklace?

Question: Who gave Regina the necklace and why?


It’s hard to say who might have given Regina the necklace and what their motive might be. We know she received it 6 to 7 months before the show starts (it’s important to note that this is 1 – 2 months before Vikram Desai went missing so he could still possibly have given it to her), she always wore it and she never told her parents where she got it from.

What’s interesting about the last fact is that it seems to take Lacey off the table of possible givers. Why would Regina not mention to her parents’ that a good friend had given her a necklace? Possibly, if the necklace is the exact same one as owned by Danny’s aunt, Lacey might have asked Regina not to mention where she’d gotten it, but Regina seemed oblivious when Danny asked her about it (but that could well have been an act). In fact, most of the teenagers seem taken off the table as possible givers of the necklace for this very reason; there’s no reason Regina would not have told her parents.

The fact that Regina received it a 6 to 7 months before Danny was released from prison…a coincidence? Or on purpose? Was someone purposefully trying to taunt Danny? But how could they be sure Regina would wear it so often? Possibly Regina was in on it. She does after all send a text message to Danny claiming to know why he killed his aunt. Though I did read one person’s theory, which I admit I found pretty intriguing, that it’s possible the text messages weren’t from Regina at all, but from her killer using her phone, after she was already dead (which would automatically clear Lacey, Jo and Danny). Someone who had seen her either at school, the party or both, flirting with him and knew she had been trying to come on to him.

All possibilities.

One theory I currently have been considering is the possibility that someone had an affair with both Danny’s Aunt and Regina. Someone who then proceeded to give the same necklace, or a similar necklace, to each of them, or took the Aunt’s necklace and a few years later gave it to Regina. Aunt Tara’s and Regina’s ages are a good bit apart, but Regina seems like the type of person who might pursue an older man (or woman?), and there is always the possibility that Tara abused Danny which leads to the possibility of a second abused child who could then have gone on to date Regina.

One reason I think the possibility of someone being involved with both Tara and Regina is so appealing is it would then explain how Regina might have learned the real reason Danny killed his aunt. She was told by whoever gave her the necklace, who in turn knew the truth from their time with Tara.

With the possibility of abuse, a teenager is still very much a viable suspect, but honestly an adult makes slightly more sense to me, because of one further question. How did the person get the necklace from the aunt? If the necklaces are the same then it would be difficult for an eleven year old child to take the Aunt’s necklace after her death. However it would be easier for an adult and especially easy for police chief Kyle Masterson. Yes, if someone was had an affair with both Aunt Tara and Regina, Jo’s father is at the top of my list of who it could be. And to take this a step further just for the fun of it, that makes his wife Tess a prime suspect in Regina’s death.

What do you think?


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