Do You Think Danny Really Killed His Aunt?

Of all the questions and mysteries Twisted is throwing at us, one of the most intriguing is whether Danny actually killed is aunt or took the blame for someone else. What do you think?


5 responses to “Do You Think Danny Really Killed His Aunt?

  1. One thing I did form some reality of, is that the aunt was more than twice Danny’s size at that age. How is it really, “he” managed to kill her with a “Jump rope”? I mean, it doesn’t sound likely that she could not have put up a good fight against him. Unless of course it wasn’t him but someone bigger. Another thing I realized, that at the family dinner with,Danny’s mom got really defensive about how he could have had a shorter time in jail. But because he was a minor, I believe it was easier for someone to pin it on him because they knew he would’ve had less time in jail as oppose to an adult who would’ve had life.

    • That is a good point. How did an 11 year old overpower a grown woman? Some people point out that the height wouldn’t work out for him strangling her either but I just assume she was sitting down. But strength-wise, it does raise a couple of questions. It does seem like telling Danny that he would only get a few years while an adult would be sent away for life, would be a perfect way for one of the adults in the show to have gotten him to take the blame.

  2. beyondtwisted
    Danny seems to be a nice person 100 percent sure that he didn’t kill his aunt but his mother did or a stranger did

    • I agree, I really don’t think Danny killed the aunt, no matter how much the show wants us to doubt him. And I definitely do think the mother knows something about what happened with the aunt…

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