The Timing of Regina’s Death

Question: Was the timing of Regina’s death, on Danny’s first day back at school, a coincidence?

Regina Death

It’s one of the reasons all the characters in the show suspect him. Danny comes back to school and that night a girl is killed. It is suspicious. Was Danny’s return the cause and Regina’s death the effect? Or is it all a coincidence?

There’s some reason to believe Danny’s return might have led to Regina’s death. Not because he killed her, but because she did claim to know why he murdered his aunt. If his reason involves a third party, if he knew something about his aunt and someone else, Danny’s return might have led that person to panic. But why kill Regina? Or least, why only kill Regina? Wouldn’t the killer want to silence Danny as well? Just because he didn’t speak out when he was 11, that person has no way of knowing he won’t speak out now. Especially when speaking out might let him off the hook for Regina’s death? Of course maybe the killer is hoping to kill two birds with one stone by murdering Regina and letting Danny take the blame.

It could of course be a coincidence. Events that could have led to Regina’s death have been brewing for a while. She was given the necklace 6 -7 months ago. Vikram Desai went missing 5 months ago (we don’t know if that’s connected to Regina, but it could be). She has knowledge about a murder that no one else but Danny seems to have? Things were brewing. Danny could easily have just returned at a bad time.

Honestly I still can’t make up my mind. It seems to me more likely though that somehow Danny coming back to town set things off in some way.

What do you think?


2 responses to “The Timing of Regina’s Death

  1. Saying that the texts sent from Regina’s phone to Danny were not from Regina herself, could her killer have been trying to lure Danny to the scene, so the killer could kill Danny too?
    (I’m not quite sure if you thought this as well or not)

    • Oooh that’s an idea! It would explain a lot! I’ve been wondering why the killer would want Regina dead…..and given the necklace connects her either to the aunt or the person who killed the aunt…it leaves one wondering what motive someone could have for killing her, but not Danny. But if they’re trying to kill Danny too…very intriguing idea!

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