Top Three Favorite Theories For Twisted

I’ve been reading a lot of people’s theories for Twisted. Below are my current three favorite theories. Not necessarily because I believe them, but because I think they’re clever and thinking outside the box.

1. Regina Didn’t Send the Text Messages

The theory is that it wasn’t actually Regina who sent those messages to Danny, but it was her killer. One of the reasons I love this theory so much, is while I’m not sure I believe it, I love that it directly contradicts something the show wants us to assume and that all the characters accept; which is something every good mystery will at some point have: a fact that seems so obvious we assume it to be true, only to have it get pulled out from under us. Normally I would give some examples of this, but it’s rather hard to do so without giving away giant spoilers.

Danny is surprised she has his number and asks in his text how she got it. She responds someone gave it to her but never says who. Her messages are all a bit off. She calls him ‘hot stuff’ instead of socio in the first text. Which fits Regina’s nature but does make one wonder. Was someone trying to sound like Regina? Was Regina already dead?

2. Jo’s Dream in the Pilot Might Not Be an Accurate Recollection of the Day Danny Killed His Aunt

We already know Jo and Lacey have differing recollections of that day as they disagree on the color of the jump rope (Lacey said it was yellow, while Jo said red). We assume Jo’s is the correct memory because it’s the one we saw. That doesn’t mean it really happened that way. Like the first theory I like this one because the show expects us to trust that memory. Whether we really should though is a whole other matter.

3. One of Jo’s Drunken Comments about Regina and Danny Got Regina Killed

When Danny brings Jo home to her parents from Regina’s party, she’s very drunk and tells them about her conversation with Regina concerning Danny, making it very clear Regina is interested in him. Personally I already like the idea of one of the Masterson’s being responsible for the murder (though I prefer Tess as the killer by a small margin) but what I really like about the idea of Jo unknowingly letting slip the information which then resulted in the murder is how it would mean there was a significant clue set up in the very first episode of the show. Also as far as the adult characters go, while Karen Desai might seem like an attractive suspect, there’s really no interaction with her and the events of that evening. Regina’s death seemed unplanned and as a result of immediate circumstances. Something she said or did set someone off. Like Jo telling her parents (one of whom might have been having an affair with Regina) about her pursing Danny?

14 responses to “Top Three Favorite Theories For Twisted

  1. I Personally like these theories and they are all possible. I had some theories that in some term, Danny could have taken the necklace before he left the party, or that maybe the “mom” is really the aunt. Its a lot of possibilities and I love the show and can’t wait to find out.

    • Oooh I like it! I like that idea that Danny could have taken the necklace before he left the party. That’s quite interesting, both as it explains the necklace and it means more happened at the party then we saw!

      • Yeah Then I also read other theories such as, Danny’s father could have been in an affair with the aunt and things. I also noticed how the aunt looks so much older and his mom looks so young, thus adding to my theory on them being the opposite.

      • Well Danny claimed he found the necklace in his locker. But maybe that’s a cover up because even if he took the necklace during the party, it makes him look suspicious.

      • Yep, that’s true. This comment was from a little while ago, before he’d said that. Now I’m 100% certain Regina’s necklace and Tara’s are the same. 🙂

    • Oooh interesting. I didn’t really notice before now how very opposite the aunt and mother are! I definitely think *someone* was having an affair with the aunt. The dad? That would be awful messed up since the aunt was his sister. If that was going on, there’s definitely a lot of motive for murder right there!

  2. “Was someone trying to sound like Regina? Was Regina already dead?”…I think this is an interesting idea. I’m no expert, but I think that there is a way to approximate the time of Regina’s death and see if it was earlier/later than the texts. Also, I’m wondering if they finger printed the cellphone and found other fingerprints than Regina’s.

    • Good points! Of course they could have sent the texts right after killing her, and since her body wasn’t found until the morning….I’m not expert either, and just basing this off other TV shows and films when they give time of death, but there tends to be a certain amount of leeway. So if the killer sent the texts right after she died, they might not be able to confirm time of death exact enough to say it was before (or after) the texts?

      I do wonder if they check the cell phone for prints…I’d be curious to know if they found anything. Or if it was curiously wiped of all prints…

    • That is also a good point. It could have been that someone else texted him that before or after they killed Regina. I however believe, that maybe that could have been a duplicate necklace and the one he held up was really his aunts but then again the necklace was missing off of Regina. Then again it shows that he clearly burned the pictures but not the necklace that may or may not turn up again from someone else.

      • I’ve also been wondering if Regina’s necklace and the aunt’s necklace are one in the same. I just have such a hard time believing Danny would have gone back to Regina’s that night.

  3. My theory … after getting the text, danny went to reginas, found her dead body , knew how it would look … and in a panicked state and curious as to how she got his aunts heirloom snatched from her body and ran home quickly before falling asleep… hells yeah

    • dude thats sounds good but i dnt even know if he did leave but if you think back one of the txt states “I know why why you killed you aunt” now if you think did danny reply no he did not he turned his phone off maybe after he turned his phone off, he did lay down for a while and wondered what regina was talking about or whoever was text from tht phone and b/c we think sum.1 elses was using the phn probably trying to set him up ws gone after danny did not reply the real person who killed her flead hopong danny would have got caught at the secene where she was killed but danny did go found her dead on the floor found the oppertunity to clame the neckleace back got it and went home see theres not enough time to kill clean up the crime secne a little and get home. i’m 70% sure he went to the house but a 100% sure he did not kill nither regina or his Aunt/mother (Tara) still a twisted conclusion that is why we call our favorite show (TWISTED)!!!!

  4. Here it is. Danny and Jo are half brother and sister. Tess and Vikram were having an affair at the same time Danny and Jo were conceived. Danny’s aunt knew about the affair and was going to make it public. Danny killed his aunt to prevent this from happening. He didn’t want it to ruin his family or Jo’s because of their friendship.
    Tess admitted to past “acquaintances” with Vikram while she was high, teaching Karen pottery. Danny also told Jo that he couldn’t kiss her when she tried towards the end of season one. Also, when Jo told him that she was in love with him and how much she was, he replied that he loved her more than she would ever know and means the world to him.
    The only people that know about the affair was the Aunt, Vikram, Tess, and Danny. Karen now knows about the past but not in full detail. Tess set Danny up to be blamed for Regina to get him back out of the picture to prevent anymore lives to be ruined.
    The plot wants you to think know that Karen or Jack are involved in the murder of Vikram to collect the life insurance and live happily ever after. But, it was either Kyle or Tess that did it. Either Kyle found Vikram and found everything out and did it out of rage. Or Tess did it while Kyle was out after dinner to prevent anything else coming out.

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