Is There a Sociopath?

Question: Is one of the characters a sociopath?

The show was originally called ‘Socio’ before being renamed to Twisted. We’ve also been given the show’s definition of a sociopath. But is this only because they’re trying to build the suspense over whether or not Danny could really be one, or is it also because Regina’s killer is a sociopath?

The psychology teacher (by the way, can I just ask, what kind of teacher would think delving into the topic of sociopaths was a good idea in that situation?) says ‘most sociopaths don’t bother killing people, it requires too much effort’. Someone beat Regina to death; that seems like a lot of effort. That also seems like a crime of passion (hate, love or revenge, we don’t know, but still a crime of passion). Given the definition they give us of a sociopath, someone who does not feel normal human emotions but instead fakes them extremely well, how likely is a sociopath to kill someone in a crime of passion? That seems like a whole lot effort. Danny’s murder of his aunt, strangling her with a jump rope, that could have been done cold and calculating (I’m not saying it was), that feels like it could be the work of a sociopath. Regina’s death doesn’t. Of course, maybe I’ve just been watching too much Criminal Minds lately.

Of course, if Regina’s killer is a sociopath, that would at least clear Rico! He certainly doesn’t seem to bother with conforming his emotions to the people around him. He’s off in his own world, in the absolutely nicest way possible!

What do you think?


3 responses to “Is There a Sociopath?

  1. After watching yesterdays episode, somethings have changed. I was giving Danny the benefit of the doubt when it came to being a sociopath but now I am not so sure about that. We all clearly saw that he some what “Lied” to Jo and Rico. He told them about the necklace and Jo says something along the lines of, “We need to figure out who gave Regina the necklace and who has it now, that may be the same person who killed her”………..Mind you, Danny has the necklace or for some who believe that its a duplicate then he has a necklace that looks just like it. Everything seems to be coming along as we continue to watch. Like I don’t know if anyone is shipping Danny and Jo because everyone’s rooting on Lacey and Danny….BUT Honestly, I can not stand Lacey or her annoying friend! Like Lacey is pissing me off! Like she has a boyfriend, and Jo and Danny are friends and I know Jo likes him so here Lacey comes stealing him! Only with ONE excuse though that I will give her, if I guess when they were 11, they had crushes on each other which I still think is stupid because they were younger then and that “fire” they had for each other has burned. Lastly, I am feeling for Karen, I mean the town is treating her like crap! I don’t think its fair that they blame her.

    • Yep, Danny definitely lied by keeping the info back about the necklace when talking to Jo and Rico. But I’m becoming more and more convinced that the necklace he has really is Regina’s so I can understand that he’s pretty sure coming clean with Jo would lose her as an ally. I’m still not convinced that Danny is a sociopath (though his smirk after his locker room scene with Archie looked a little evil ;-)) but I’m not as sure anymore if that’s because I really don’t think he’s a sociopath or if it’s just wishful thinking on my part. The show is doing a fantastic job of keeping me guessing.

      I’m really hoping the show stays away from a love triangle but I suspect we’re heading in that direction after the previews for next week’s episode.

  2. TYLER IS THE SOCIOPATH!!!! On the last episode he totally was mimicking human emotions on that date with Jo!!!!

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