Recap S1 E4: Sleeping with the Frenemy

ep4 pc1Jo visits her dad at his office and tells him about Archie lying about his alibi, but Kyle seems uninterested and says Archie’s not currently a suspect.

Karen is cleaning the house and pauses over the favorite chair of her husband and remembers Vikram and Danny watching soccer from it.

Lacey and Archie talk about her plans to have a small girls’ night at her house with Sarita and Phoebe. She then asks Archie not to get in a fight with Danny at practice. He mentions that he and the other guys will be going out to celebrate the big game tomorrow and Lacey asks why he didn’t go out and celebrate the night of Regina’s party but he claims it was because it was an out of town game.

Jo and Danny talk about the reasons Archie might have for lying about his whereabouts on the night of Regina’s murder and she suggests he should try and make friends with the soccer team so he can find out more about Archie.

Tess runs into Karen at the store, she tries to make some small talk. The two notice people looking at them and whispering about Karen and she excuses herself and walks away.

Jo runs into Lacey and her mom on the street. Her mother is so happy to see Jo she invites her to come to Lacey’s girls’ night and Jo accepts.

At the store Rico and Jo pick out snack food for her to take over to Lacey’s and Jo explains she doing this since all of Regina’s best friends will be there and hopefully she’ll learn something useful. She suggests Rico should asks Danny to hang out at the diner that night.

Regina’s mom drops by Lacey’s house and leaves her a box full of Regina’s things.

Danny does really well at practice and the coach puts him in the lineup for the game tomorrow.

Tess drops by the Desai house and invites Karen to attend a charity brunch with her the next day and Karen agrees to think about it.

At the diner, Danny and Rico are hanging out. It’s a little awkward but they both seem to be having a pretty nice time. Danny mentions that he thinks he might be making some friends on the soccer team at which point the team all shows up at the diner. Danny is clearly hurt that he wasn’t invited as well.ep4 pc2

At Lacey’s party, things are a little awkward as Sarita doesn’t like Phoebe or Jo, but Jo and Lacey are keeping things pretty police. Phoebe notices the box and asks what it is and Lacey tells them it’s some of Regina’s things.

Kyle gets a phone call saying he’s got the warrant to search the Desai house. Tess comes home and mentions inviting Karen to the brunch, saying how sorry she feels for her as Karen has turned into a social pariah. She also mentions that Jo called and that the girls’ night has turned into a sleepover.

At the sleepover, Jo and Lacey talk about Danny and what it’s like to be friends with him again. Jo says it’s very different from what it used to be, but that he talks about Lacey a lot and really misses her. After Lacey falls asleep Jo takes a look inside the box. She finds a CD titled ‘Archie’s Greatest Hits’ and puts it in the laptop. It’s a video of him playing soccer and there are captions about how good he looks etc. Jo slips the DVD into her purse but Sarita sees her.

At the soccer game Danny asks Archie if they can call truce just for the game so they can win the match.

Karen and Tess arrive at the brunch only to find that Regina’s mom has showed up as well.

Back at the game Danny scores a point. Jo tells him and Rico about the DVD and they wonder if Regina and Archie were having an affair. Sarita also tells Lacey about Jo taking something from the box.

At the brunch Karen goes over to Regina’s mom and offers her condolences but Gloria accuses Danny of being the killer and says she will do everything she can to get him expelled from the high school and hopefully back in prison. A distraught Karen leaves.

Lacey confronts Jo and asks her what she took from the box. Jo tells her both about the DVD and the fact that Archie lied about his alibi. A furious Lacey storms off.

ep4 pc3Archie  won’t work with Danny and the team loses the game because of it. In the locker room he and Danny get into an argument. Archie accuses him of killing Regina and Danny confronts with lying about his alibi. Archie admits he borrowed Scott’s car to meet with a rival school’s coach to talk about joining their team but that it’s didn’t work out. An angry team walks out and left alone, Danny smiles to himself.

Kyle shows up at Karen’s with the warrant to search the house.

Lacey confronts Archie about the DVD and he explains that Regina’s uncle was the athletic director at the school he was trying to switch to and that Regina made the DVD to try and help him. He apologies for not tell her and says he hadn’t want to say anything unless it worked out. He asks her to forgive him and she hugs him.

Danny comes home to find the police searching the house, but they don’t find anything and leave.

Jo apologies to Lacey and returns the DVD. Jo explains that she will do whatever she has to do to prove Danny’s innocence as it finally feels like she’s getting her life back and she can’t loss that.

Tess comes over to talk to Karen about the brunch but finds the house a mess from the search. Tess makes it clear she wants to be Karen’s friend.

At the diner Danny tells Rico and Jo about Regina having Tara’s necklace. He admits to not telling them before because of how it looked. Rico suggests maybe Regina really did know his motive for murdering his aunt, but Danny says no, that no one knows that. Jo says he can’t help him if he doesn’t tell them what he knows and he says that the necklace was a family heirloom, that it had been very important to his aunt Tara but that he doesn’t know why or how Regina got it but that it had nothing to do with his motive for killing his aunt. He also suggests that maybe Jo wants to take a step back for a while and he’ll figure things out on his own. Jo responds by saying someone took the necklace to make him look guilty and knew it would connect him to the crime and now they have to find out how Regina got it and where it is now. She also adds that whoever currently has it might be the person who killed her.ep4 pc4

As Karen cleans up the house she takes a moment to sit down in her husband’s chair. As she runs her hands over the arms of the chair she notices something wrong with one of the cup holders. She lifts it up anddiscovers the necklace hidden under it.


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