Regina’s Letter

Question: What was the money for?


The biggest question raised in this week episode has to have been the letter sent to Regina. It’s the first big clue towards a possible motive. So far all we’ve had to go on was a nebulous connection between been Regina and Tara. Now we have a decidedly threatening note.

While going through the condolence letters sent to Regina’s mother, Lacey found a letter sent to Regina. Inside she found what looked to be, at an estimate, about $1000, and a note that said:

This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell anyone… you know what’ll happen.

When I first watched the episode I automatically assumed Regina had done something for someone. I’ve read a lot of theories suggesting maybe Tara and possibly Danny’s father, where involved in some kind of organized crime. How a teenaged girl could have gotten mixed up in that is a little more unclear but it’s a possible explanation for her having the same necklace as Tara (especially if her necklace was a duplicate and not one in the same, something I admit I no longer feel is a strong possibility). However there are other things Regina could have been doing for someone, any sort of illegal activity, shady job or something school related?

But a closer look at the wording of the note seems to suggest a second possibility: blackmail. After all the note states that ‘deal holds’, this sounds more compatible with blackmail as the deal of silence would continue to hold even after the final payment. Was Regina blackmailing someone? While Lacey remembers her friend fondly, there’s no denying the fact that Regina had a very strong personality. And as Phoebe’s story of their falling out showed, Regina could be pretty mean. Honestly blackmail seems does not seem out of the realms of possibility to her.

I also find the amount pretty interesting. The bills were all $100’s, but you can’t see exactly how many bills there are. But look at this picture:


You can only really count about the top six and then they get a little hard to distinguish. As you can’t tell for sure, we’ll give some room for error and say the envelope contained somewhere between 10 to 15 bills which would be $1000 – $1500. And honestly that seems much more the amount a high school student would pay, then an adult with a steady job. If Regina were blackmailing someone like Kyle for instance, wouldn’t she have asked for more money? True this is only the final payment, so we can assume this was at most half the payment, possibly less, but couldn’t Kyle or Tess or even Karen be make larger payments?

Edit: It was stated in ‘Three for the Road’ that the letter contained $2000.

What do you think?

11 responses to “Regina’s Letter

  1. Regina had been blackmailing the Desai family & Danny’s father had been paying her. Now that he is dead (or maybe not) his wife Karen agrees to pay Regina one last time. Karen will do whatever she has to do to help Danny get a fresh start in school & if that mean paying out some money, then that is what she will do. I also think this is why Regina felt so comfortable calling Danny Socio to his face.

    • I can definitely see Karen doing something like that. It would combine both her love for appearances and her love for Danny in one action.

      It would, as you say, also explain Regina’s attitude around Danny.

  2. I think Regina saw something that she shouldn’t have regarding Danny… It goes along pretty much with the blackmail theory, except that I get the feeling the payments were the other person’s idea (the person who sent the letter). I’m saying that judging by the tone of the letter.. I think Regina saw something that maybe involves Danny’s dad… I’d explain further except I’d have to go into my whole “Danny didn’t kill his aunt” theory lol

    • Hey, I’d be happy to hear your ‘Danny didn’t kill his aunt’ theory. Personally, I’m personally still on the fence and keep jumping back and forth on that. The biggest indicator seems to me that while Danny talks about ‘blame’ and ‘fault’ and ‘what he did’ he has yet to say 100% outright that he killed her.

      I agree though, there’s a pretty big chance his dad his alive.

      Interesting idea, that the payments were the *other* person’s idea and not Regina’s! I gotta say that’s intriguing! Would make Regina’s character make a bit more sense with how Lacey remembers her. Over all I really like that theory.

    • I think that he had a business deal to go bad and is in hiding. I don’t think that he is dead but is hiding to protect his family.

  3. Hey sorry I just read that you wanted to see my Danny didn’t kill his aunt theory… Let me write it down into something that isn’t a jumbled mess lol.

    • Well you missed that I had asked, and I missed that you had responded ;-). So it all evens out! Anyways, great theory! I love how thought out it is. Definitely going to mull it over. I’m still on the fence but that was pretty darn convincing!

  4. Haha sometimes my “theories” become more of what I WANT to happen rather than what will likely actually happen… BUT I make sure they still make sense with the plot lol

    • Lol! Yes! I totally get that.

      I have to say I like the idea of using Danny really is a sociopath as proof against him killing his aunt, particularly after the fact the show has now gone out of it’s way twice to tell us sociopaths seldom kill. Also, in my opinion the way Danny talks about the aunt’s death is still very vague. He says a lot of ‘what I did’ ‘what happened’ but I don’t think he’s yet said ‘when I killed my aunt’….I could be wrong about this. This certainly adds to my doubt over him killing the aunt, which as you point out adds to the likelihood that he is a sociopath.

      At the moment my biggest doubt about him being a sociopath is not so much what’s in the show as just wondering if ABC Family could really sustain a show with a sociopath as the lead. It’s pretty hard to write a show long term where the main character is someone you absolutely can’t root for. Granted I feel Jo is a bit more of the main character then Danny, but Danny is main enough and central enough to make it difficult if he were to turn out to be a sociopath. Tudors might be one of the only shows where the main character is so totally unlikable but still interesting to watch. I’m not sure ABC Family could pull it off, particularly as them seem to be trying to set up a love triangle and milk a lot of drama out of that and Danny’s relationships with the girls and his parents, etc.

      It would however be awfully interesting if it did happen.

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