Recap S1 E6: Three for the Road

ep6 pc1At their old club house, Lacey, Jo and Danny discuss Regina’s letter. They mention that the letter was sent from Connecticut and that Regina dated a guy from there last year, but Lacey doesn’t know anything about him.

Back at his house Danny finds the necklace gone. He confronts his mother about it, who says she got rid of it and in turn demands to know how he had it. Danny says he found it in his locker the day after Regina’s murder. Danny realizes Karen is no longer sure of his innocence and is hurt.

Jo and Rico talk at school, and Rico mentions she seems to have a crush on Danny, which Jo denies.

Danny suggests to Lacey they drive up to Connecticut to visit the apartment the letter was sent from. Jo tells them it’s a stupid idea. She also says she can’t go with them because her dad wouldn’t let her, and reminds Danny that leaving the state will violate his probation.

That night Jo gets a text from Danny saying he is about to leave. Downstairs Jo tries to leave the house telling her dad she’s going to study with Rico but Kyle doesn’t believe her and forces her to stay home. Tess and Kyle are also clearly still angry at each other.

Danny tells his mom he’s going for a drive with Lacey. He’s still hurt; though she tries to assure him she was only trying to help him.

Danny meets Lacey and Jo shows up to come along. Lacey and Jo are clearly less than thrilled to be spending time together.

Karen comes over and visits Tess who, along with Kyle, has discovered that Jo has snuck out and are trying to locate her. Karen suggests that she’s with Danny and Lacey, and Kyle leaves to look for her.ep6 pc2

In the car, Lacey, Jo and Danny reminisce about old times and start to fun but things quickly turn frosty again between Jo and Lacey.

Kyle shows up at school where Rico is studying and asks him about Jo, but Rico doesn’t know where she is and says they didn’t have plans. Kyle is angry that Jo lied to him.

Karen and Tess talk about Vikram, and how he used to have a temper. Karen mentions they had a huge fight his last day, because he was drunk and she didn’t want him to take the boat out. Tess mentions he always was stubborn. Karen admires one of pots Tess made and Tess offers to teach her.

Jo and Lacey start to fight, and Danny tricks them into getting out of the car and locks the doors, not letting them in till they makeup. They give each other a reluctant and insincere apology and get back in the car.

Rico arrives at the police station and asks Kyle if he can hang out to make sure Jo gets back safely.

Tess is helping Karen to make a pot. They discuss how Tess and Vikram used to date back in high school before he and Karen got together. They reminisce about getting high in the old days and Tess mentions she still has a stash.

Danny and the girls arrive at the apartment. They ask the security guard who lives in apartment 413 but he thinks they’re up to something and sends them away. Jo and Lacey start to argue about the past. Jo says there was a birthday party when they were 13, that everyone in the class was invited to but her and she found out Lacey had asked for her not to be. Lacey argues that Jo had been difficult and made everyone miserable, and that she hadn’t wanted to talk with Jo about what happened anymore and had just wanted to have fun. The two girls walk away.

Danny talks to Jo and tells her how much he regrets hurting them both and ruining their friendship. The security guard comes out and threatens to call the police and the three drive off.

ep6 pc3Tess and Karen are now both high and start to talk about high school again. Tess lets it slip that she and Vikram had actually continued to hook up after he started dating Karen. Angry, Karen storms off.

Kyle and Rico talk a little about Jo, Danny and the necklace. Rico gets uncomfortable and tries to leave but Kyle suspects he knows something and gets him to stay.

Danny makes Lacey drive back to the apartment. He wants to go in, but Lacey and Jo both argue against it. He asks them not to bail on him like they bailed on each other and walks off alone, finding a way to sneak into the apartment building.

Kyle presses Rico to tell him what he knows but Rico is worried about hurting Jo and leaves.

Danny finds the apartment 413 and the door is wedged open. He goes in to find it empty. And then the security guard catches him.

Lacey gives Jo a genuine apology for everything and Jo tells her it’s alright. They head into the apartment building to look for Danny and find that the guard isn’t at the front desk. Jo gets on his computer to check the building directory and discovers apartment 413 is registered to Vikram Desai.

Danny is questioned by the guard, who mentions that the last person who had lived in the apartment has been dead for several months. As the guard calls the police to report Danny’s break in, Danny sends Lacey a text to let her know what’s happened.

Jo and Lacey are speculating about Vikram and wondering if he’s really dead. They mention how hurt Danny would be if he found out the apartment was registered to his father because they had been so close. Lacey gets Danny’s text.

Karen comes back to Tess’s and admits to overreacting and that it’s okay about Tess and Vikram. She admits her marriage wasn’t perfect. The two go off to finish the pot.

Jo and Lacey come for Danny and make up a story about Danny trying to find a woman he has a crush on and the guard decides to let them leave.

Rico come back to the police station and says he wants to protect Jo, even if it means hurting her in the short run, and ep 6 pc4he tells Kyle that he saw Karen throwing something in the lake, and it might have been a necklace.

As Danny, Jo and Lacey drive home, Danny expresses his frustration that he risked going back to juvie for nothing. Jo and Lacey exchange glances as they don’t tell him what they found out about his dad.


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