Recap S1 E7: We Need To Talk About Danny

ep7 pc1At soccer practice the coach talks about the big game that weekend. He switches Danny to defense and puts Cole, a teammate who has befriended Danny, into offense.

Jo has a dream about Danny sneaking into her room and kissing her. She wakes up, realizing Rico was right, she does have a crush on Danny.

Karen apologizes again to Danny and the two patch things up a bit. She tells him she has a job interview that day. He leaves to meet Cole for a workout.

Jo asks her mom about Vikram, Tess says he was a lot like Danny, complex but fun and outgoing. She also admits they hadn’t talked much since Tara’s death.

Lacey asks her friends about Regina’s Connecticut boyfriend but they don’t know anything. Phoebe’s brother Tyler comes by and invites them to a party in the graveyard.

Jo admits to Rico that she’s crushing on Danny and wants to stop and he says she has to stop obsessing about everything Danny-related.

Lacey and Jo meet up at their old fort. They discuss the possibility that Regina and Vikram were having an affair and then wonder if Vikram was murdered and Regina knew about it. Lacey suggests that Tara and Regina’s deaths were related and Jo suggests Lacey try asking Danny about his reasons for killing his aunt.ep7 pc2

Lacey sends Danny a text to meet and asks him about five years ago. He expresses his frustration over her mixed signals and says how often he thinks about their kiss. Lacey walks away.

Kyle has the police combing the lake looking for the necklace.

At soccer practice the coach announces that Cole has come down with food poisoning and won’t be able to play in the game tomorrow. He moves Danny back to offense. Archie makes a comment implying Danny might have something to do with the poisoning and the teammates start to look at him suspiciously.

At his pottery class with Tess, Danny talks to her about girls and admits to having feelings for someone (though he assures her it’s not Jo). Tess’s advice is that he just be there for her and show her he’s not giving up. He receives a text from the coach and has to leave.

The coach tells Danny evidence was found in the locker room that Cole was purposefully poisoned and points out that Danny was the last person to see Cole and complaints have been coming in. He tells Danny he’s going to let him resign from the team quietly.

Outside Jo runs into Danny and she sees that he’s really very upset but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Tyler comes up and asks Jo to come to his party. When he mentions that Lacey is going to be there, Danny accepts for the both of them. Rico tries to talk Jo out of going she insists she has to because Danny was so upset and Rico accuses her of not really trying to get over Danny.

Kyle runs into Karen at the diner who is upset about not getting the job. He tries to make her feel better and she seems to grow a little warmer towards him.

At Tyler’s party, Archie and Lacey argue. Jo and Danny show up. Jo suggests to Lacey that they confront Danny together about his aunt and Lacey agrees. Danny runs into the team and he tells them he quit for personal reasons.

Karen and Kyle are having a pleasant dinner together and she tells him how much she used to envy his marriage to Tess.

ep7 pc3Lacey and Jo confront Danny. He tells them about being forced to quit the team and accuses Archie, but he refuses to talk about Tara. After the girls tell him about the apartment being under Vikram’s name he walks off.

Jo follows Danny, and he tells her that Tara and his dad hated each other for some reason dating back to childhood but he doesn’t know more. He says Tara was going to destroy his family and ruin his life, and assures Jo that she did have the power to do that. When Jo asks how Danny is protecting her, Danny begs her not to make him tell her, that he just wants her to be happy and safe. He asks her to please let him protect her. Danny also admits his dad stopped visiting him in juvie sometime before Vikram went missing so he doesn’t know anything about the apartment or Regina.

Sarita meets Lacey and tells her everyone has gone to the diner. She also says she knows Lacey is hanging out with Jo and Danny. She says she won’t tell anyone but that Lacey has to choose which group she wants to be friends with.

Lacey meets Danny at Tara’s grave. Danny says he’s realized he’ll never get over what happened, will never have a normal life and will probably never be happy. Lacey says he will be happy and the two start to make out. But she looks at the grave and freaking out, runs off. She heads to the diner and tells Archie they have to talk.

Jo and Tess talk and Jo tells her mom she has feelings for Danny. After Tess tells her it’s normal for her to have a crush on him, Jo tells her she thinks she’s actually in love.

Danny comes home and his mother tells him that she got the job after Kyle gave a personal recommendation on her behalf. Danny starts to ask her about his father but changes his mind.

Kyle apologies to Tess, who in turn apologies and the two kiss and start to make up.

Jo tries calling Danny but he doesn’t answer.ep7 pc4

Lacey shows up at Danny’s house and tells him she’s broken up with Archie. She comes in and tells him that no one can know, implying they’re going to start a relationship.

A police officer shows up at the Masterson’s house and tells Kyle they’ve found the necklace. Kyle looks pleased.


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