Aunt Tara’s Power

Question: How could Tara destroy Danny’s family?


In this week’s episode Danny told Jo that his Aunt Tara was going to destroy his family and ruin his life. After Jo was a bit skeptical, he assured her that Tara did of the power to do so.

Which raises the question of what possibly could Aunt Tara do that could destroy the family more than having the only son put away for murdering someone. Danny being convicted for murder clearly did affect the family badly. Karen is barely keeping it together, she’s stuck in a town where she’s a pariah, she’s having money troubles, Vikram had a drinking problem and they lost Tess and Kyle who seem to have once been their closest friends. Danny’s actions seriously dented the Desai family, honestly I wouldn’t say it’d be going too far to say that in a sense it destroyed it. Even if Danny were only taking the fall for someone else, say Karen or Vikram, Danny taking the blame makes the situation almost worse for the family. And killing Tara (or taking the blame for it) certainly, as he realized when talking to Lacey in the graveyard, ruined Danny’s life.

And yet in ‘Three for the Road’ Danny said to Jo ‘I don’t know if I regret what I did’. Whether Danny is talking about killing his aunt or covering for someone else, whatever Tara was going to do to the Desai family, seems would have had a worse effect then what Danny did. Which is a pretty darn powerful statement. Danny’s actions had a terrible result on the family. Yet he’s implied that whatever Tara was going to do, would have been far worse.

So what was it?

Danny assures Jo that Tara did have the power to destroy his family. Which certainly leads one to first think the ‘power’ Tara had was knowledge about something. After all there’s that old expression ‘knowledge is power’. Tara could have been threatening to expose something.

In a previous post I speculated, in a rather darkish theory, that Danny could have been the child of Vikram and Tara. Tara revealing this would certainly have destroyed the family and possibly ruined Danny’s life more than the murder. This would also explain Tara and Vikram hating each other for something that happened in their childhood. After all, if they had first become ‘attracted’ to each other back then, they could easily have grown up to hate each other for that attraction. However this seems less likely now as we know that Vikram and Karen have lived in the area since at least high school so the possibility that Karen isn’t Danny’s real mother is much less likely.

Tara threatening to expose any form of affair between Vikram and someone else (or Karen and someone else) while destroying the family, would still have less catastrophic implications then Danny murdering his aunt, something an eleven year old could theoretically not realize but a sixteen year old, with five years to think about it, probably would and wouldn’t now be saying things like ‘I don’t know if I regret what I did’.

So that makes me go back to the ‘power’ Tara had, and also something else Danny said to Jo in the same conversation. He said that he wanted to keep her safe. Which is very different from his previous statement that he wanted to protect her. Protecting Jo from the truth could easily mean protecting her from being hurt emotionally. Keeping her safe, implies a risk of physical harm. Which either implies to me that whatever power Tara had, whatever she could do to the Desai family, she also could do to the Masterson family. Or someone else killed Tara, Danny took the fall and he believes if Jo knew who and why she would be in real danger of being killed as well. Which might explain the motive behind Regina’s murder.

What do you think?


6 responses to “Aunt Tara’s Power

  1. I don’t know WHAT I think the secret is… At first I was thinking maybe Jo’s real father is Vikram & Tara found this out… Maybe she was blackmailing Vikram for money & like… threatened to kill Danny, Karen or Jo (or all of them) if Vikram didn’t pay her. Danny may have taken the fall so that nobody would find out the secret and threaten (if I’m right about Vik being Jo’s dad for example) Tess (who would be the only other person who would know this secret). If Vikram killed Tara and admitted it, people would immediately start investigating his motive and it would cause a huge uproar; and remember who the cop in charge of Tara’s case was… Kyle Masterson… So if HE investigated a motive for VIKRAM to kill Tara & found out the secret, then even in death, Tara would have gotten what she wanted.

    Maybe when he said he wanted to “protect” Jo, it was before he realized that Regina was killed– possibly for knowing the same secret that Tara was threatening to expose. Now, Danny is realizing that everyone who finds out this secret is getting killed, meaning that if he tells Jo what happened, she will no longer be safe. ahhh I don’t know, lol

    • Oooh good point that he only said he wanted to keep her safe *after* Regina was killed, and before it was only protect!

      So far your’s seems about the best theory I can think of for all the facts we have so far. Trying to come up with some alternative answers but at the moment I’m a little stumped.

      Whatever Tara was up to though, I really wonder why? Why did she dislike her brother so much that she would set out to hurt his family?

    • Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a great theory but I don’t think Danny is Tess’s son. He is indeed Karen’s son. Otherwise why would she go out of her way to confess for a murder she didn’t commit just to save him. My guess is that Tess and Vikram were indeed having an affair and Tara somehow found out about it and threatened to tell Karen about it unless they payed her. As to her reason for doing it…maybe she didn’t approve of him cheating on Karen but saw an opportunity, or she was jealous of Vikram’s success in both money and life as he had a family and Tara couldn’t stand the fact that he would endanger what he had in spite of the fact that he didn’t deserve it. I think the one that killed Tara is Tess because she didn’t want Kayle to find out because come to think of it she would have lost her daughter… her family and her best friend Karen. All for good. Now here is where Danny comes in. He finds out about the murder and realizes all the damage that the truth would do to both his family and Jo’s. So he takes the blame for it. I think Danny not only refers to Karen and Vikram as his family, but also to Jo and Lacey when he says “His Aunt Tara was going to destroy his family and ruin his life.” So there you have it. The Regina Crane murder is pretty much the same. She found out about Tess and Vikram but they managed to buy her silence with money. Until the night of the party that is…Until Jo comes home drunk and tells her parents that Regina offered to share Danny with her. That is when Tess lost herself thinking that her daughter would follow in her footsteps by coming in between Danny and Regina much like her between Vikram and Karen. Plus now that Vikram was dead she feared that Regina might slip up to somebody about their past affair and so she kills Regina. I think Tess being the killer explains her lenient behavior towards Danny and Jo being so close. I think she is trying to give Jo and Danny the life she couldn’t have with Vikram. Oh and Tess being the Sheriff’s wife could have easily taken the necklace out from evidence and given it back to Vikram because of the family heirloom sentimental value it held to him but Regina might have asked for it as a reason to keep quiet. That would explain how he got the necklace. Anyway this is my theory based on what I have so far from the show. If there is anything that is missing from here please notify me so that I can revise it.

      • Oooh interesting theory! Tess is a very intriguing option as the killer. I also love the idea that something Jo said to her parents while drunk, was what caused the murder to happen.

        The one flaw I see is how Tess could have gotten the necklace. If it had been taken out from evidence I’d agree she’d be in a prime position to be the one to have taken it. But Kyle said there was record of it going from evidence to the estate lawyers, and the lawyers were the ones who have lost it….of course maybe the lawyers never really had it to begin with? Maybe all the evidence got shipped over to them, the paperwork said the necklace was among the other things and it never really was……it would be a clever way for the show to be throwing us off track, by making us try and figure out who could most easily have taken it from the lawyers, when the real question is, who could have taken it from evidence.

      • Well Tess seems pretty capable in manipulating people if she wants to. But lets not forget that the mayor also seems pretty shady and involved with the business at, a company that has that necklace as a logo and was also paying Vikram’s apartment bills. The mayor is a powerful man and he’s proven how easy he can control the police flow, who’s to say he couldn’t have taken the necklace from the lawyers. Then giving it back to Vikram due to the family heirloom value they say it poses. Then again the woman that hurt Regina and framed Danny, that also has Connecticut license plates, also looks pretty guilty. And also let’s not forget the big clue we got from the facebook page videos that said. “Tara is not who you think.” That also poses some interesting questions and opens a lot of doors to interesting theories. 😀

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