Recap S1 E8: Docu-Trauma

ep8 pc1Danny and Lacey are making out in her room. Danny asks if they can tell Jo about their relationship but Lacey is adamant she wants them a secret. Danny asks her out on a date in the park tomorrow night.

At the diner Rico and Jo are talking about her feelings for Danny. She decides to send him a text asking to talk at school tomorrow so she can tell him how she feels.

Danny asks Karen if she has any idea how Regina might have gotten Tara’s necklace and if it’s possible that Vikram gave it to her. Karen says he tried to get it from the estate lawyers after Tara’s death but they couldn’t find it. Danny asks if Vikram could have lied about it and also if he was having an affair before he went missing. Angry at what Danny is implying, Karen leaves for work. Danny hears her cry out and finds the entire front yard has been strewn with red jump ropes.

At school a picture of Danny’s yard is circulating. Lacey sees it and gets upset.

Jo is about to tell Danny how she feels when Tyler comes over and asks Danny if he’d be up to do give an interview about returning to town for his documentary. Danny says no. Tyler then asks Jo if she’d be interested in dinner, Jo says no and Tyler at first thinks Danny and her are a couple, but Danny assures him that Jo is like a sister to him. Rejected, Jo decides not to tell Danny she likes him.

A police officer, Eddie, asks Kyle why he hasn’t done anything with the necklace yet. Kyle says he doesn’t’ want to put pressure on Karen when she’s starting her new job but he’s having coffee with her tonight.ep8 sc2

At the date in the park, Danny and Lacey are having a nice time. Someone is watching them from the trees however and the two hear something. Several people come out of the woods wearing masks of Danny and holding red jump ropes and scare the two of them.

Jo tells her mother what happened with Danny. Tess encourages her daughter not to give up but to look for someone else.

At coffee with Karen, Kyle finally tells her he knows she was at the park the night of Fall Fest. He tries to get her to tell him what she knows but she storms off.

At school Danny tries to talk to Lacey, but she’s freaked out and scared by what happened. She says they should lay low for a while and Danny expresses hurt that she feels she has to hide him.

Rico also encourages Jo to look for another guy. Danny comes over and suggests she go out with Tyler. Jo decides to go for it and takes Tyler up on his offer for dinner.

Danny decides to throw a party and invites Rico. He also asks Tyler to come and use his popularity to bring people, in exchange Danny offers to give Tyler the interview and agrees to let him film at the party.

At the police station Kyle shows Karen and her lawyer the necklace and tells her he has a witness who saw her throw it in the lake.

At dinner Tyler and Jo hit it off, and she admits this is her first date. He is able to help her relax and the two joke and have a good time.

Lacey tells Danny she’s not coming to his party. Upset Danny says he doesn’t think it’s about other people but about the pranks bringing back bad memories for her. He says he understands if she can’t date him but to make up her mind because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Rico comes to the party and starts drinking. Jo and Tyler also show up and she tells Danny that the date went well.

Karen’s lawyer advices her to tell Kyle the truth. She refuses to incriminate Danny but the lawyer warns her she could be held as an accessory to murder and that they should first help her and then worry about Danny.

Tyler interviews Danny at the party and lets slip that he knows there were more than one prank and Danny becomes suspicious.

At Lacey’s house, Phoebe tries to encourage her to go to Danny’s party, saying that Tyler told everyone something big was going to happen at it and that it’s be a night ‘the socio’ would never forget.

Danny tells Jo he’s suspicious about Tyler, but he can’t tell her why since he can’t tell her about the second prank without giving away his relationship with Lacey, so Jo gets angry and walks away.

ep8 sc3Lacey shows up at the party and warns Danny and Jo about Tyler’s planning something but Jo doesn’t believe it. Suddenly more of the mask-wearing fake-Dannys appear at the party along with a dummy wearing a mask of Tara with which they reenact the murder. Jo looks over and sees Tyler grinning and filming it. Karen, who has just come home, throws everyone out.

Jo apologizes to Danny for what Tyler did and Danny admits the party was a bad idea. After Danny goes to check on his mom Jo talks to Tyler and accuses him of organizing all the pranks. He admits it. After she tells him to leave he says they have potential and begs her not to throw it away. She agrees that they did but says he just blew it.

Jo goes to talk to Lacey on the swings and they talk about the day Tara died, and how it was Lacey who insisted they go into the house after Danny had come outside, and they both agree they can’t forget the site of Tara’s body in the living room. They then talk about guys and dating and how frustrating it is, but Jo says it’d be worth it for the right guy.

Danny talks to a rather drunk Rico and asks him if he has feelings for Jo. Rico ep8 sc4says yes. Jo and Lacey come into the house and Danny says his mother has gone for a walk. Jo takes Rico home and left alone Lacey apologies for freaking out. She and Danny start to make out. Outside, someone wearing a Danny-mask films them.

Karen meets Kyle in his office and says she wants to tell him the truth. She confesses to murdering Regina.


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