Fan Theory #8

Submitted By: Lia

Fan Theory: Fan Theory: Tess killed Regina. A couple of episodes Tess told Karen that she was still seeing Vickram while Karen was dating him. Well, what if Tess is still seeing him? After all they never did find his body. I think Vickram faked his own death and is working with Tess behind Karen’s back. I also suspect that Vickram was blackmailing Regina to keep quiet about Tess’ affair and was also possibly blackmailing Karen.

Also, Danny did not kill his aunt. I can’t quite put my finger in this one, but I do like the idea of the killer being vickram or Tess. There are still a few pieces I’m trying to put together because I think the answer to the big question will be very complicated, but that’s my theory-at least for now!:)

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5 responses to “Fan Theory #8

  1. In response to fan theory #8, Danny 99.99% likely killed his aunt because in the opening of the pilot, 11 year old Danny nervously approaches Jo and Lacey while carrying the jump rope, saying he had no choice and asking them not to hate him. Even if he was covering for someone, he would only have gone to his friends like that if he were truly feeling scared and guilty.

    Anyway, I have my own side theory about the poisoning- I think Cole truly got food poisoning, and when Archie found that out he then got mothballs and planted them to frame Danny. That would explain why no one else was near Cole that morning.

    As for the two murders, this isn’t my theory, saw it from someone on twitter, but I think it could possibly be it or close to it. It’s sorta crazy, but perhaps Tess and Vickram had another affair, and from it Jo was born, only Tess pretended, or maybe truly believed, she was Kyle’s daughter. T

    • Interesting idea about the mothballs! I’m actually planning on posting about the Cole-poisoning mystery in a little bit. I’m definitely going to mention that as a possible explanation.

    • Sorry I didn’t mean to send it yet XD
      I was saying that then Tara found out about the affair and Vikram being Jo’s father, and she was going to tell Karen and maybe others about it. Danny might have heard what she was going to do and that’s why he killed her. That would explain why Danny was protecting Jo by not telling her why he killed Tara, and it also explains how Tara was going to ruin Danny’s family (and especially hurt his dad who Danny was really close with). Perhaps then Vikram found out (maybe years later) that Danny killed Tara to keep his secret, and this made Vikram feel so bad he faked his death to escape his life. He might have had Tara’s necklace, and sold it to Regina. But through this interaction Regina found out he is assumed to be dead and she blackmailed him about it until he killed her.

      What do you think? I think that sounds quite possible….

      • It does sound quite possible. I like the theory! Jo really being Vikram’s daughter would explain Danny’s actions. For me a big hurdle in any theory of how Tara could have destroyed Danny’s family, as that Danny pretty much destroyed his family himself by killing her, and he has says ‘I don’t know if I regret what I did’. If he had realized after killing Tara, that his family was just as destroyed by his own actions, I think he would feel more regret…er I said that clearly enough to make any sense.

        But if Jo was really Vikram’s daughter, then there’s something there, a reason why Danny would continue to feel he accomplished something with the murder. He protected Jo, and as his half sister, she was part of the family Tara would have destroyed, and if true, then Danny did indeed keep her from destroying that.

        So yep, I really do like this theory, and thinks it fits really well.

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