Recap S1 E10: Poison of Interest

ep10 pc1Danny asks Jo and Lacey to meet him. He tries to apologize about not telling them he had the necklace but they’re still angry and asks how they could trust him now. Jo says there has been too many secrets and the two girls walk away.

Rico confronts his math friend Doug about the video, and Doug admits he had taken it after going back to Danny’s house that night to get a jacket and then finding the Danny mask in the bushes.

The soccer coach that covered about the poisoning tells Danny that he’s been fired after the other couch told the school board.

The poisoning is all over the news. Kyle admits he feels sorry for Danny and also says there’s now more to the Regina case then just Danny. Jo however isn’t so sure anymore.

Karen and Danny show up at a meeting with the principle, the president and the vice-president of the school board, one of whom is Regina’s mother Gloria. Because Danny missed one of his therapy sessions, he is going to be expelled. The principle points out that Danny has a right to a hearing, at which people can be called to speak both for and against him. The hearing is scheduled for the next day.

Danny talks to Cole, the person he was accused of poisoning. Cole says he thinks Danny is guilty.

Archie tells Jo and Lacey he feels sorry for Danny after everything and Lacey is touched. Jo is suspicious however and wonders if Archie set Danny up, but Lacey tells her she has to move on.ep10 pc2

Kyle tells the Mayor about Marna. Inc and the apartment in Connecticut. He says the company filed building permit papers at the town hall of Green Grove but that they’re now missing. He asks the Mayor to find out what happened to them. The Mayor thinks it’s a waste of time and that Kyle should be going after Danny.

Tyler tells Jo he stopped making the documentary and asks Jo if they can be friends. He mentions the hearing and how hard it’ll be to find someone to say something positive for Danny at the hearing, saying how hard it was for the documentary.

Lacey talks to Archie and asks if they could be friends. Rico talks to her in private and tells her about the video and that Doug has showed it to a couple of people.

Jo shows up at Danny’s house and offers to help him as he shouldn’t be expelled for something he didn’t do. They talk about the possibility of Archie framing him but decide they couldn’t prove it. Jo suggests using Tyler’s movie, saying there might be some interviews that portray Danny in a positive light.

Kyle tells Tess that Gloria denied that Regina and Vikram could have been having an affair.

Lacey has a girls’ night with her friends but is anxious about the video. After asking if they’d forgive her if she’d done something terrible, Sarita says they’re best friends and nothing will ever change that.

Tyler, Jo and Danny look over the interviews and find one Cole gave after the poisoning, in which Cole calls Danny his friend and rejects outright the theory that Danny could have been involved in his illness.

Tess meets Gloria for coffee and tries to talk her out of expelling Danny. But Gloria says it’s her mission to get him kicked out of school and then to make him pay for Regina’s death. She refuses to believe that Danny might not have been involved and walks away.

Danny and Jo show Cole the video, but he says it was made before he heard about the moth balls found in the locker room. Cole says he’s already been asked to speak against Danny at the hearing. Jo threatens to use the video at the hearing, but after Cole begs her not to, saying the team means too much to him and Danny assures him the video won’t be shown, telling Jo he won’t make Cole an outsider on the team.

ep10 pc3Rico tells Lacey that Doug is showing the video to more people, but Lacey says she doesn’t care, her friends will forgive her. Rico tells her that Jo won’t, because she’s in love with Danny. Horrified, Lacey goes off to talk to Doug.

At the hearing Jo signs up to speak for Danny. The soccer team arrives and Archie is called on to testify. He says Danny was difficult on the team and everyone was scared of him. He also says the he himself was scare during their fight.

Cole is called to testify and says Danny was and is his friend, and that he just doesn’t know whether he’s guilty of the poisoning.

Lacey orders Doug to delete all copies of the video. She snaps at Doug’s friend Eloise and Rico says she shouldn’t have done that because Eloise never forgets.

Tess speaks at the hearing for Danny, saying how hard he’s been trying and should be given a second chance. Gloria says it’s not appropriate for Tess to testify as she’s the wife of the police chief. Tess retaliates and says Gloria shouldn’t be judging the case as she said at breakfast it was her mission to get Danny expelled. Gloria calls Danny a serial killer, causing Karen to call Regina a whore.

Jo takes the floor and says Danny is a good person. She says it’s hard to trust him and it’d be easier to turn her back on him but that he is the most amazing person, and she accidently lets slip that she loves him.

While the board deliberates Jo tells Danny they don’t have to talk about what she said. He tells her their relationship is very special and that he doesn’t know what he’d do without it.

The Mayor shows up at Kyle office and tells him he’s going to have to work with a private investigator as the Regina case has gotten off track. The investigator asks Kyle to show her everything he has on the murder and Danny Desai.

Jo talks to Lacey about the hearing and admits her feelings for Danny but says he doesn’t feel the same way. She says she never would have done anything with him without talking to Lacey first as Lacey means too much to her. The two hug.

The principle tells Danny that the board has decided to expel him.ep10 pc4

The entire school starts receiving the video, sent by Eloise, including Sarita, Phoebe, Tyler, Archie, Danny and Lacey. Finally, as they’re studying together at the diner, Rico and Jo also get the video. Jo watches it in shock.


2 responses to “Recap S1 E10: Poison of Interest

  1. I don’t understand why the video was seen to have affected Jo the most? Lacey and Danny were IN it and there will be serious repercussions for them well beyond the exposure of an unrequited crush. One of them should have been the last one to open the video.

    • I know! I don’t entirely understand it either. I also did not understand why Jo told Lacey that she would have talked to her before dating Danny. Why? You don’t normally need permission to date a mutual friend do you?

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