Fan Theory #11

Submitted By: Alex

Fan Theory: I think we can almost be sure that Vikram is still alive. There is no reason in any show that they would emphasize that the body wasn’t found. I do think that Danny is innocent both for Tara and Regina. I think it was his father who killed Tara but am unsure why. Maybe she was a family threat for financial reasons? We also already know that Danny and his mom have a complicated relationship so Danny may have covered for his dad because he had such a strong connection with him where his mother was lacking.

If Danny did kill his aunt, I think his reasoning would be to protect Lacey and/or Jo. Tara must have had something against the girls or their families that Danny knew would destroy them if it got out. Danny has already stated many times that those two are the ones he cares about more than anything, even more than himself.

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