Fan Theory #12

Submitted By: alishakdoll

Fan Theory: I think this is what really happened. Alright so Danny is innocent with Tara and Regina. Regina is obviously dead but Tara is not. The P.I. that Cheif Masterman gets is Tara. I’m positive. And Tess calls Vickram in the finale. Something is going on between them. Tara is trying to take down the whole Desai family and I think it’s over the fact that someone tried to kill her. I think Tara killed Regina because look at all the evidence. When Pheobe had a flashback with Lacey, Regina stepped out of the car with a scratch from Tara. The lisence plate was the same as the P.I.’s which is tara!

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2 responses to “Fan Theory #12

  1. How would the PI be Tara when everyone in the town knew her and what she looked like? Also it doesn’t sound like there was any mystery involving her body or death, it’s a possibility that Danny covered for someone else I suppose but I don’t think it makes sense that Tara would somehow be alive. Unless I’m missing something?

  2. How is the PI Tara when they have shown pictures of her and they’re completely different looking women? The pictures of Tara show that she’s obviously an Indian woman. The PI is a red-headed Caucasian.

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