Fan Theory #13

Submitted By: Heather

I think Vikram is alive and Tess has a connection with him from long ago. They were lovers and once he comes back he will tell his story. That new detective killed Regina obviously as Lacey’s friend just told her practically that she was the one who cut her. I don’t know what the detective had against Regina to kill the poor girl but obviously there’s a plan to set Danny up and make it look like he killed Regina which he did not.

I think Danny might be hiding in the old abandoned tree house that only Lacy and Jo know about, and if he’s really scared because he’s innocent he might try and commit suicide.  Vikram killed Tara and Danny covered for his father.  Now I can’t wait for January! I always look forward to this show, as it’s amazing. It’d twisted if Jo got pregnant from Tyler. It was her first time also. We will have to see!!!

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One response to “Fan Theory #13

  1. I don’t know that I can see Danny trying to kill himself, but I can definitely imagine him hiding out at the old fort and one of the two girls finding him and helping him hide out. Maybe Jo?

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