Danny Desai: Sociopath?

I’ve now read two very excellent posts which question whether Danny is a sociopath.

ABC’s “Twisted” attempts to live up to its name


It’s TWISTED When Someone Confesses To Murder…


Whether Danny is a sociopath is probably one of the most intriguing questions of the show, and as pointed out in the second article I listed, very important in figuring out whether or not he really killed his aunt given the fact that the show has made a point of telling us twice that sociopaths very seldom kill.

When the show started I was absolutely convinced there was no way Danny could be a sociopath, but now between great writing and great acting, I’m actually beginning to wonder. I’m definitely not convinced he is, but I am curious.

If Devil dannyanny isn’t a sociopath, he’s still a guy with absolutely no regret over his actions (he may regret some of the consequences but not the actions themselves). While making out with Lacey on top of his aunt’s grave, Lacey ran away after looking at the gravestone. Left alone Danny glanced at the grave stone and then smirked. Whether he killed Tara or took the blame for someone else, the natural response would not be to smile. Looking at the gravestone of someone, let’s say, your father murdered, you’d still feel bad about it.

So either Danny is a sociopath or Tara was such a horrible person and/or was getting ready to do something so terrible to the Desai family, that Danny feels no remorse over her death. He has actually said to Jo ‘I don’t know if I regret what I did’. And so far the show has given hints that either of the options are possible.

Danny’s therapist described sociopaths as loving risk and not considering consequences. She said they find it easy to lie imitate human emotion. Danny showed an inclination for risk when breaking into the apartment. He’s also calmly and cleverly lied on several occasions about the necklace. He has also seemed to imitate human emotion when pretending to be upset and calling Karen ‘mom’ begging her to believe him, only to have his expression go curiously blank after she can no longer see his face. On top of it all the way every time someone confronts him he easily manages to manipulate the situation and turn it round against his interrogator shows an ability to manipulate.

However there have been hints that Tara was possibly a truly dislikable person:

1. Tess and Kyle mentioned that Tara always looked ‘pissed off’. Additionally in the photograph we saw from Danny’s fourth birthday that showed him with his aunt, he looked unhappy. Why would a four year old be so grumpy at his own birthday, unless he just wasn’t happy to be forced to take a photograph with his aunt? In the flashback that the show opened with Jo and Lacey also wondered if Danny was having ‘more family problems’. He seems to have gotten along well with his father, and while his mother and he have a somewhat strained relationship, it doesn’t seem from what we’ve been told that it was ever overly contentious. Did he have problems with his aunt?

2. His father and Tara always hated each other from something dating back to childhood. That’s a really long time to hold a grudge. What could have happened that was so terrible that they hadn’t gotten along since childhood? More curiously, why would his father would still let Tara babysit? And why Tara would still want to?

3. If Danny is to be believed Tara was going to do something really terrible to the Desai family and that was his motive for killing her. As I mentioned in a previous post, if Danny is telling the truth, whatever it was would have to be really terrible to have a worse impact on the family then Danny being convicted of murder.

Perhaps Tara was the sociopath?

So which is it? Is Danny a sociopath? Or was Tara such a dark person that Danny really can summon no emotion resembling regret over her passing?

Lacey Porter: Suspect?

Lacey-3There’s something about Lacey that really draws me to her as a suspect. If one of the core three is guilty, I’m inclined to suspect her the most.I have a very hard time of buying either Danny or Jo as Regina’s killer, and while I’m not completely sold on Lacey as guilty either, she would definitely be in my top three suspects list.

But first to start off discussing her as the possible killer of Tara Desai:

First off, if Danny is covering for anyone in the murder of his aunt, Lacey so far is my top choice. Of course we’re only two episodes in, maybe in another two Danny and Lacey will have a conversation that will completely clear her. So far however only Danny and Jo have had conversations that would make no sense if he were covering for Jo, but he and Lacey interestingly enough haven’t.

Furthermore the show has shown there’s some attraction between the two. In the pilot episode for example they had an almost almost-kiss. What’s connecting these two specially? Why is Lacey more open to him then she has been to Jo in the past five years? Is it because the two are the only ones who share the biggest secret of their lives, the truth of Tara Desai’s murder?

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, the opening scene of the pilot does not exclude either Lacey or Jo as suspects in the aunt’s killing. Firstly because we saw it in the form of Jo’s dream and as such it’s unreliable (I’d love to see Lacey’s version of that day), and secondly we have no idea what was happening before the two started playing on the swing set. Maybe they’d only been on the swings a few minutes. Maybe Lacey had been inside before then? Maybe she killed the aunt and left Danny alone in the house with the body?

Now as for Lacey possibly being Regina’s killer:

I’m honestly not sure I can really see this. And yet at the same time a part of me thinks it would make a lot of sense if Lacey was really a sociopath. We know she broke off her friendship with Jo and made herself into one of popular crowd, so we already know that to a certain extent she can adapt to the situation on hand and fit in with different groups of people. Which gives us more evidence that she might be a sociopath (able to mimic human emotions) than any other character in the show so far.

A possible motive for her murdering Regina isn’t obvious to me, unless she killed Tara Desai as well, and Regina really did know this, and Lacey felt she had to kill Regina to protect the truth. Given Phoebe’s story of why her friendship with Regina broke up, Regina doesn’t seem like the kind of person you want to trust with your secrets nor someone whose friendship you can rely on to stay strong.

I’m definitely not committed to Lacey as guilty of murder. But she’s certainly an interesting suspect.

Top Three Favorite Theories For Twisted

I’ve been reading a lot of people’s theories for Twisted. Below are my current three favorite theories. Not necessarily because I believe them, but because I think they’re clever and thinking outside the box.

1. Regina Didn’t Send the Text Messages

The theory is that it wasn’t actually Regina who sent those messages to Danny, but it was her killer. One of the reasons I love this theory so much, is while I’m not sure I believe it, I love that it directly contradicts something the show wants us to assume and that all the characters accept; which is something every good mystery will at some point have: a fact that seems so obvious we assume it to be true, only to have it get pulled out from under us. Normally I would give some examples of this, but it’s rather hard to do so without giving away giant spoilers.

Danny is surprised she has his number and asks in his text how she got it. She responds someone gave it to her but never says who. Her messages are all a bit off. She calls him ‘hot stuff’ instead of socio in the first text. Which fits Regina’s nature but does make one wonder. Was someone trying to sound like Regina? Was Regina already dead?

2. Jo’s Dream in the Pilot Might Not Be an Accurate Recollection of the Day Danny Killed His Aunt

We already know Jo and Lacey have differing recollections of that day as they disagree on the color of the jump rope (Lacey said it was yellow, while Jo said red). We assume Jo’s is the correct memory because it’s the one we saw. That doesn’t mean it really happened that way. Like the first theory I like this one because the show expects us to trust that memory. Whether we really should though is a whole other matter.

3. One of Jo’s Drunken Comments about Regina and Danny Got Regina Killed

When Danny brings Jo home to her parents from Regina’s party, she’s very drunk and tells them about her conversation with Regina concerning Danny, making it very clear Regina is interested in him. Personally I already like the idea of one of the Masterson’s being responsible for the murder (though I prefer Tess as the killer by a small margin) but what I really like about the idea of Jo unknowingly letting slip the information which then resulted in the murder is how it would mean there was a significant clue set up in the very first episode of the show. Also as far as the adult characters go, while Karen Desai might seem like an attractive suspect, there’s really no interaction with her and the events of that evening. Regina’s death seemed unplanned and as a result of immediate circumstances. Something she said or did set someone off. Like Jo telling her parents (one of whom might have been having an affair with Regina) about her pursing Danny?

Danny: Taking the Fall?


If, and at this early point in the show it’s still a definite ‘if’, Danny did not really kill his aunt, the only logical conclusion is to assume he is covering for someone. Here are the characters he’s most likely to have taken the fall for, and the reasons why they may or may not be so likely:

Jo Masterson

Why it’s likely: First off the fact that we see her and Lacey outside when Danny came out and confessed to the murder doesn’t mean she couldn’t have done it. He’s been inside awhile, maybe Jo and Lacey only recently started playing on the swings and five minutes ago they were inside as well. Also as someone pointed out to me, the scene we saw was Jo’s dream of the events. We already know she and Lacey have different memories of the events as they disagree on the color of the jump rope. Jo’s dream might not be a reliable account of events. Also Jo is very much someone Danny would protect at all costs.

Why it’s not likely: Danny’s conversations with Jo, especially the one’s about his aunt, would make very little sense if they both knew she was the killer. Even if she had repressed the memory, Danny wouldn’t know that and his reactions to her wouldn’t be very illogical, not even blinking an eye when she asks about his motive for the murder? Also, how could the infamous Aunt/Regain necklace really relate to Joe?

Lacey Porter:

Why it’s likely: Like Jo, she could easily have committed the murder. Given the fact that the pilot showed us just a hint of possible romantic attraction between Lacy and Danny, she as the killer would add a lot of drama (though if Danny knew she was the killer, would he be likely to pursue a romantic relationship with her? Particularly given the fact that if Danny is innocent, the killer of his aunt probably killed Regina as well?). She could also have easily taken the necklace from the aunt’s body and as Regina is her friend, she could have given it to her (Regina did say it had been a gift). Lacey and Danny have yet to have any conversation that wouldn’t make much sense if they both know she killed the aunt. All things given she’s more likely than Jo.

Why it’s not likely: Honestly I think if Danny is covering for someone, Lacey is the most likely choice. The only difficulty is I don’t see Lacey as Regina’s killer too as that would severally restrict where they could take the character. Of course while there may be a connection between Regina’s death and the aunt’s, it doesn’t follow that the killer has to be the same.

Karen Desai:

Why it’s likely: Danny’s mother is definitely an attractive option. Danny would very naturally want to protect his mother. Especially if his mother told him if he took the fall he’d only be sent away for a few years, while she would get a much longer sentence. Also we’ve already been told she was the head of the social scene and that it mattered a great deal to her, maybe the aunt threatened that somehow.

Why it’s not likely: Karen and Danny’s relationship seems to be on pretty solid footing so far. While he has some issues, especially with the fact she made him come back to town, he seemed to accept her explanation and let go of his resentment. Also he thanked her, when she expressed her faith in his innocence with regards to Regina. Would he really thank you if the only reason she believed in him was because she knew he wasn’t a killer because she is and they both know it?

Vikram Desai:

Why it’s likely: The aunt was his sister. Already there’s a strong connection there. The fact that he went missing five months before Danny was released, could be explained away by the fact that he couldn’t bear to see the son who went to prison for him, or Danny threatened him into leaving.

Why it’s not likely: It’s possible Danny knows he faked his death, but it’s harder to understand why he wouldn’t share the truth with Jo when she asks him, nor why he’s protecting her by not telling her.

Kyle Masterson:

Why it’s likely: It could almost make sense that Danny might take the fall to protect Jo from learning her father is a killer. It would also explain his continual refusal in the present to tell Jo the truth. Motive could easily be explained by Kyle having an affair with the aunt. And Kyle would certainly be in a position to know taking Regina’s necklace would implicate Danny, and he might very well want to get rid of Danny under the circumstances. Also he’s certainly not too happy at the sight of Danny.

Why it’s not likely: Despite Kyle being a police chief and Jo’s father, I find it a little harder to believe Danny would take the fall for him, or that Kyle could believe he could convince an eleven year old friend of his daughter to confess to a murder he didn’t commit. While I think Kyle is one of the more interesting options, I also don’t think he’s a very likely one.

Personally, until we hear a bit more about what he has to say about the matter I’m still pretty convinced Danny is guilty. But of all the people he might have taken the fall for, Lacey seems the most likely. The strongest argument for his innocence was his line to Jo ‘I may have killed someone before, but I never lied to you’. This line would make complete sense if he had really killed his aunt. However the ‘may’ still sends up some red flags.