Fan Theory #9

Submitted By: Emma

Fan Theory: The Mayor started to act weird when the case started to turn into another direction. It’s almost as he’s trying to hide something. I believe Vikram, the Mayor, and another party are responsible for soliciting young girls. Nobody in town, not even Danny or Karen knew they were coming back home so it’s just by accident Danny took the fall. Regina’s death is only a ploy to deflect media attention from the true plot. Besides, Vikram isn’t dead.

In the case of Tara, I truly believe Tara found out Tess and Vikram’s affair and was going to rat them out. Danny over heard them and as he watched stunned as Tess choked Tara. To prevent the information ever coming out. Tess is too chill for my liking. Danny being old enough to understand, took the blame because he knew how much the information would hurt Jo. Which is why he can’t tell Lacey and Jo the truth.

Archie, oh Arcie, he just loves the spotlight due to him lacking or needing the affection. He’s always out of town, or taking a break. It makes me wonder if he’s involved with Vikrams and the Mayors little ‘ring’. Blech! Archie the attention hogger he feels threatened by Danny and tries to sabotage him any way he can. Psshhh!! Pretend Archie Alpha.

Who killed Regina? The same person screening her calls and text. Nobody receives $2000 just for the hell of it.

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Recap S1 E10: Poison of Interest

ep10 pc1Danny asks Jo and Lacey to meet him. He tries to apologize about not telling them he had the necklace but they’re still angry and asks how they could trust him now. Jo says there has been too many secrets and the two girls walk away.

Rico confronts his math friend Doug about the video, and Doug admits he had taken it after going back to Danny’s house that night to get a jacket and then finding the Danny mask in the bushes.

The soccer coach that covered about the poisoning tells Danny that he’s been fired after the other couch told the school board.

The poisoning is all over the news. Kyle admits he feels sorry for Danny and also says there’s now more to the Regina case then just Danny. Jo however isn’t so sure anymore.

Karen and Danny show up at a meeting with the principle, the president and the vice-president of the school board, one of whom is Regina’s mother Gloria. Because Danny missed one of his therapy sessions, he is going to be expelled. The principle points out that Danny has a right to a hearing, at which people can be called to speak both for and against him. The hearing is scheduled for the next day.

Danny talks to Cole, the person he was accused of poisoning. Cole says he thinks Danny is guilty.

Archie tells Jo and Lacey he feels sorry for Danny after everything and Lacey is touched. Jo is suspicious however and wonders if Archie set Danny up, but Lacey tells her she has to move on.ep10 pc2

Kyle tells the Mayor about Marna. Inc and the apartment in Connecticut. He says the company filed building permit papers at the town hall of Green Grove but that they’re now missing. He asks the Mayor to find out what happened to them. The Mayor thinks it’s a waste of time and that Kyle should be going after Danny.

Tyler tells Jo he stopped making the documentary and asks Jo if they can be friends. He mentions the hearing and how hard it’ll be to find someone to say something positive for Danny at the hearing, saying how hard it was for the documentary.

Lacey talks to Archie and asks if they could be friends. Rico talks to her in private and tells her about the video and that Doug has showed it to a couple of people.

Jo shows up at Danny’s house and offers to help him as he shouldn’t be expelled for something he didn’t do. They talk about the possibility of Archie framing him but decide they couldn’t prove it. Jo suggests using Tyler’s movie, saying there might be some interviews that portray Danny in a positive light.

Kyle tells Tess that Gloria denied that Regina and Vikram could have been having an affair.

Lacey has a girls’ night with her friends but is anxious about the video. After asking if they’d forgive her if she’d done something terrible, Sarita says they’re best friends and nothing will ever change that.

Tyler, Jo and Danny look over the interviews and find one Cole gave after the poisoning, in which Cole calls Danny his friend and rejects outright the theory that Danny could have been involved in his illness.

Tess meets Gloria for coffee and tries to talk her out of expelling Danny. But Gloria says it’s her mission to get him kicked out of school and then to make him pay for Regina’s death. She refuses to believe that Danny might not have been involved and walks away.

Danny and Jo show Cole the video, but he says it was made before he heard about the moth balls found in the locker room. Cole says he’s already been asked to speak against Danny at the hearing. Jo threatens to use the video at the hearing, but after Cole begs her not to, saying the team means too much to him and Danny assures him the video won’t be shown, telling Jo he won’t make Cole an outsider on the team.

ep10 pc3Rico tells Lacey that Doug is showing the video to more people, but Lacey says she doesn’t care, her friends will forgive her. Rico tells her that Jo won’t, because she’s in love with Danny. Horrified, Lacey goes off to talk to Doug.

At the hearing Jo signs up to speak for Danny. The soccer team arrives and Archie is called on to testify. He says Danny was difficult on the team and everyone was scared of him. He also says the he himself was scare during their fight.

Cole is called to testify and says Danny was and is his friend, and that he just doesn’t know whether he’s guilty of the poisoning.

Lacey orders Doug to delete all copies of the video. She snaps at Doug’s friend Eloise and Rico says she shouldn’t have done that because Eloise never forgets.

Tess speaks at the hearing for Danny, saying how hard he’s been trying and should be given a second chance. Gloria says it’s not appropriate for Tess to testify as she’s the wife of the police chief. Tess retaliates and says Gloria shouldn’t be judging the case as she said at breakfast it was her mission to get Danny expelled. Gloria calls Danny a serial killer, causing Karen to call Regina a whore.

Jo takes the floor and says Danny is a good person. She says it’s hard to trust him and it’d be easier to turn her back on him but that he is the most amazing person, and she accidently lets slip that she loves him.

While the board deliberates Jo tells Danny they don’t have to talk about what she said. He tells her their relationship is very special and that he doesn’t know what he’d do without it.

The Mayor shows up at Kyle office and tells him he’s going to have to work with a private investigator as the Regina case has gotten off track. The investigator asks Kyle to show her everything he has on the murder and Danny Desai.

Jo talks to Lacey about the hearing and admits her feelings for Danny but says he doesn’t feel the same way. She says she never would have done anything with him without talking to Lacey first as Lacey means too much to her. The two hug.

The principle tells Danny that the board has decided to expel him.ep10 pc4

The entire school starts receiving the video, sent by Eloise, including Sarita, Phoebe, Tyler, Archie, Danny and Lacey. Finally, as they’re studying together at the diner, Rico and Jo also get the video. Jo watches it in shock.

Fan Theory #8

Submitted By: Lia

Fan Theory: Fan Theory: Tess killed Regina. A couple of episodes Tess told Karen that she was still seeing Vickram while Karen was dating him. Well, what if Tess is still seeing him? After all they never did find his body. I think Vickram faked his own death and is working with Tess behind Karen’s back. I also suspect that Vickram was blackmailing Regina to keep quiet about Tess’ affair and was also possibly blackmailing Karen.

Also, Danny did not kill his aunt. I can’t quite put my finger in this one, but I do like the idea of the killer being vickram or Tess. There are still a few pieces I’m trying to put together because I think the answer to the big question will be very complicated, but that’s my theory-at least for now!:)

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Fan Theory #7

Submitted By: Afi

Fan Theory: My theory is that Vikram killed Tara and had his son take the fall for it because he is a minor. Danny had no reason to kill his aunt when he was just a child.

And as for Regina, she was killed by Tess. Vikram had a thing with Tess and Regina knew about it. Regina blackmailed Vikram and Tess, hence the messages with the money. Tess somehow found out that Regina was going to tell Danny everything. So, Tess killed Regina to keep it a secret. Tess saw a party with many people as a good night to kill, so she did.

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Marna Inc.

Question: What’s the connection between Marna Inc. and Aunt Tara’s necklace?


This week we discovered that the apartment in Connecticut is paid for by a bank account that belongs to a realty business named Marna Inc and that this bank account was most likely used to pay off Regina. We also learned that Vikram used to go up to Connecticut, with the full knowledge of his wife who would lie for him and say he was in Manhattan on business.  Up until this point it seemed likely he used the apartment for affairs. However between Karen’s knowledge his trips and the existence of the business, it seems likely there was much more to it.

We do not know for a fact yet, that it was actually Vikram who stayed in the apartment, but it seems likely. And the question still remains, who sent the $2000 to Regina two days before she died?

But one of the most intriguing parts of mystery was that Kyle discovered the logo for the company looked exactly like Aunt Tara’s necklace, which raises some interesting questions.

It definitely links the company to the Desai family, but if it is Vikram’s company why would he use the necklace as the logo? True he might have created the logo before Tara’s death, but why not change it? Wouldn’t he want to forget the woman his son murdered?

Furthermore, Danny told Jo that his father always hated Tara since they were children. So even before her death, why would Vikram want to use her necklace as the symbol of the company?

Danny said the necklace was a family heirloom and very important to Tara. However Tara wasn’t important to Vikram. So perhaps the use of the logo was not so much about Vikram being, for lack of a better word, obsessed with Tara, as much as both he and Tara were obsessed with whatever that necklace stood for.

Of course there’s the possibility that despite appearances the company doesn’t belong to Vikram. In which case it’s still a possibility that the logo is in memory of Tara. And there’s still the fact that Danny assured Jo and Rico that the necklace (and by extension whatever it stood for) had nothing to do with his reasons for killing Tara.

What do you think?

Recap S1 E9: The Truth Will Out

ep9 pc1Lacey and Danny are at the police station. Lacey comforts Danny who is in shock over his mother’s confession to murdering Regina. Jo shows up having received a text from Danny.

Kyle questions Karen. She said she saw Regina wearing Tara’s necklace and guessed she’d been having an affair with Vikram. She went to confront Regina who admitted the affair and Karen says she snapped and killed her. Karen asks to speak to Danny.

Lacey and Jo wonder whether Karen could have sent Regina the letter. A tired Lacey mentions that her father is coming to town for her sister’s birthday party.

Alone together, Danny accuses Karen of still thinking he’s guilty of Regina’s murder but Karen continues to insist she did it. He asks why she would take Tara’s necklace and plant it in his locker to which she responds ‘who says it was in your locker?’. She then tells him to go be happy.

Eddie and Kyle talk about the case. While Kyle thinks Karen is covering for Danny, Eddie points out that if Danny has a conscious he won’t let his mother take the fall for his own crime.

Kyle tells Danny they’re holding his mother for 48 hours before deciding whether to charge her and then invites him to stay with them for the time being.

Lacey and Danny pack some of his things and he asks her if they can tell Jo about their relationship but Lacey still doesn’t want to. She suggests they tell Kyle everything about the cash, note and apartment and he agrees.

The three show Kyle the evidence and he’s angry that they didn’t tell him sooner. Kyle points out that if Karen is charged Danny have to go to his nearest kin, his grandmother in Arizona.

Danny goes to Karen and points out he can’t be happy if he has to move to Arizona and leave Jo and Lacey. Kyle shows Karen the note and the money. She says she has no idea what it is and he believes her and pleads with her to retract her confession so he can solve the crime.

Jo and Rico talk about Danny possibly having to move and Rico accidently lets slip about the necklace and Karen and that he told her dad. Jo says she doubts she and Lacey will continue their friendship if Danny leaves and Rico suggests she just has to try harder.

Lacey comes home to find her dad there. He and her mother start to bicker.

Eddie tells Kyle there’s nothing in Vikram’s financial records about the apartment and Kyle sends him to Connecticut to find out what else he can learn.

At their old fort, Danny, Lacey and Jo talk about Karen throwing away the necklace and Lacey and Jo now seem convinced of Karen’s guilt. Upset at the idea of moving away from them, Danny leaves. Alone Lacey mention her parents arguing and Jo offers to come to the birthday party for moral support.ep9 pc2

Danny confesses to Kyle that Karen took the necklace from him and about finding the necklace in his locker. Kyle accuses Danny of being willing to take the fall for Karen and only coming forward now because he doesn’t want to move to Arizona.  The two decide to try and prove Karen’s innocence.

Tess visits Karen at the jail and tells her she knows she’s not a killer and just loves her son. Karen doubts Danny knows that and remembers a time when Danny was little and heard her wishing she had a daughter instead of a son.

Jo shows up at the birthday party and when Lacey’s parents start to bicker is able to smooth things over.

Danny and Kyle check Karen’s computer and finds highly suggestive photos of the school principle Mark Tang. Danny is shocked.

Jo finds Mr. Porter making out with his daughter’s gymnastic teacher, Mitch. Jo is shocked but tells Mr. Porter that Lacey always felt the divorce was her fault and encourages him to tell her the truth.

Karen remembers talking to Danny and telling him she didn’t mean what she said about wishing she had a daughter, but Danny told her she did mean it and that she only ever loved herself. She calls him an ungrateful little brat.

Danny meets with the principle and tries to blackmail him into giving his mother an alibi. In return Tang says that if Danny tells anyone about the photos, he’ll tell people the real reason Danny was forced to leave the soccer team.

ep9 pc3Lacey tells Jo how well everything is going and how happy she is that Jo came. Lacey is one the verge of telling her about her relationship with Danny when Jo tells her that her dad is gay.

Rico runs into Danny and tries to cheer him up about Arizona. Danny tells him her knows Rico saw his mom throw the necklace into the lake and Rico tells him that the first thing he thought when he saw it was how much Karen must love him.

Lacey confronts her father and he and her mother go off to talk.

Eddie tells Kyle that the apartment was paid for by a local business account under the name Marna Inc. Also right before Regina died $2000 dollars was withdrawn from the account, the same amount that was sent to Regina. Kyle wonders if Vikram really is dead.

Danny again talks to his mother and begs her to retract the confession. He says he knows how much she loves him and that he needs that with him.

Karen retracts the confessions and Danny tells Kyle moving would be unbearable because he can’t lose Lacey and Jo. Kyle says if that’s true he owes it to them to be honest with them then about the necklace.

As her parents’ argue, Lacey and Jo talk. Lacey thanks her for telling her about her dad and says she just wants her father to be happy. The both receive a text from Danny asking them to meet him.

Kyle searches online for information about Marna Inc. and finds that there logo looks exactly like the design of Tara’s necklace.

ep9 pc4Karen comes home and remembers talking to Vikram years earlier. He tells her he’s going to Connecticut for a couple of nights and reminds her if anyone asks to say he’s in Manhattan on business.

Danny tells Jo and Lacey that his mother retracted her confession and then tells them about finding the necklace in his locker. Lacey is furious and tells him they’re done. Both she and Jo walk away.

Rico receives an email with a video attachment. It’s the recording of Lacey and Danny making out in his house.

Fan Theory #6

Submitted By: YoungSosa

Fan Theory: I think that Karen’s confession was true and that she really did kill regina and that karen is the true pychopath of the series by manipulating danny into thinking that Tara had to die by fueling Danny’s motivation to kill her by exploiting the bad blood between Danny’s father and Tara and that she found out about vekrom and regina and had him killed and somehow regina found out and Karen was paying her off but when regina texted danny Karen went into his room sometime during the night and fearing being exposed killed her explaining her actions through the series like when kyle first asked her about the necklace after planting it on danny she faked him out to completely make him focus on danny and make the town torture him more while she plays the part of the weeping widow and troubled mother all the while she laughs at all the chaos she has masterminded while she has her perfect scape goat in her son danny and thats danny’s phsyco actions and lies are a product of his time in juvie because as the series has gone on while he hasn’t completely opened up he shows way more emotion than he did in the first few episoes the only reason Karen confessed was because it would just make her look like a protective mother all the while causing more chaos in the town.

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