Fan Theory #9

Submitted By: Emma

Fan Theory: The Mayor started to act weird when the case started to turn into another direction. It’s almost as he’s trying to hide something. I believe Vikram, the Mayor, and another party are responsible for soliciting young girls. Nobody in town, not even Danny or Karen knew they were coming back home so it’s just by accident Danny took the fall. Regina’s death is only a ploy to deflect media attention from the true plot. Besides, Vikram isn’t dead.

In the case of Tara, I truly believe Tara found out Tess and Vikram’s affair and was going to rat them out. Danny over heard them and as he watched stunned as Tess choked Tara. To prevent the information ever coming out. Tess is too chill for my liking. Danny being old enough to understand, took the blame because he knew how much the information would hurt Jo. Which is why he can’t tell Lacey and Jo the truth.

Archie, oh Arcie, he just loves the spotlight due to him lacking or needing the affection. He’s always out of town, or taking a break. It makes me wonder if he’s involved with Vikrams and the Mayors little ‘ring’. Blech! Archie the attention hogger he feels threatened by Danny and tries to sabotage him any way he can. Psshhh!! Pretend Archie Alpha.

Who killed Regina? The same person screening her calls and text. Nobody receives $2000 just for the hell of it.

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Regina’s Letter

Question: What was the money for?


The biggest question raised in this week episode has to have been the letter sent to Regina. It’s the first big clue towards a possible motive. So far all we’ve had to go on was a nebulous connection between been Regina and Tara. Now we have a decidedly threatening note.

While going through the condolence letters sent to Regina’s mother, Lacey found a letter sent to Regina. Inside she found what looked to be, at an estimate, about $1000, and a note that said:

This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell anyone… you know what’ll happen.

When I first watched the episode I automatically assumed Regina had done something for someone. I’ve read a lot of theories suggesting maybe Tara and possibly Danny’s father, where involved in some kind of organized crime. How a teenaged girl could have gotten mixed up in that is a little more unclear but it’s a possible explanation for her having the same necklace as Tara (especially if her necklace was a duplicate and not one in the same, something I admit I no longer feel is a strong possibility). However there are other things Regina could have been doing for someone, any sort of illegal activity, shady job or something school related?

But a closer look at the wording of the note seems to suggest a second possibility: blackmail. After all the note states that ‘deal holds’, this sounds more compatible with blackmail as the deal of silence would continue to hold even after the final payment. Was Regina blackmailing someone? While Lacey remembers her friend fondly, there’s no denying the fact that Regina had a very strong personality. And as Phoebe’s story of their falling out showed, Regina could be pretty mean. Honestly blackmail seems does not seem out of the realms of possibility to her.

I also find the amount pretty interesting. The bills were all $100’s, but you can’t see exactly how many bills there are. But look at this picture:


You can only really count about the top six and then they get a little hard to distinguish. As you can’t tell for sure, we’ll give some room for error and say the envelope contained somewhere between 10 to 15 bills which would be $1000 – $1500. And honestly that seems much more the amount a high school student would pay, then an adult with a steady job. If Regina were blackmailing someone like Kyle for instance, wouldn’t she have asked for more money? True this is only the final payment, so we can assume this was at most half the payment, possibly less, but couldn’t Kyle or Tess or even Karen be make larger payments?

Edit: It was stated in ‘Three for the Road’ that the letter contained $2000.

What do you think?

Poll: What do you think Danny’s relationship with Jo and Lacey will be?

There’s definitely been implications that Danny is attracted to Lacey, (I took his comment to Archie about how he and Lacey will never be friends to imply he’s admitted to himself that there’s that attraction and that now they’ll probably never be able to just be friends). But do you think the show will run with that and pursue a relationship between the two of them? Or do you think that Danny will change his interest to Jo? Or is this a set up for one (probably very painful) love triangle?

Recap S1 E3: PSA de Résistance

ep3 pc1The episode opens with Lacey and her friends working on a school play directed by Phoebe for sobriety awareness. It’s a pretty bad play and Lacey’s friends are misbehaving.

At the diner Jo and Rico are studying when Danny arrives. Rico mentions he and Jo have the highest GPA in school but don’t really do anything but study and Danny suggests they’re not getting the full high school experience. They also discuss who might have some information on Regina and Danny suggests he try talking to Lacey.

Lacey is nervous about having to give a statement to the police tomorrow. Archie mentions he was home the night of Regina’s party/murder, resting for a big game.

Tess Masterson is upset that she’s lost her art studio downtown, but her husband suggests they just clear out the garage for her and offers to help her that night. Kyle mentions that he’s going to go talk to Karen about the photo of Tara that Tess had seen at the house. Tess mentions that Tara looked pissed off in the photo and Kyle comments that she always looked pissed off.

Danny tries to talk to Lacey in school and win her over but Archie comes along and is very rude to him and walks off with Lacey.

Kyle shows up at the Desai house and apologies to Karen for the dinner but he mentions the photo being moved during the dinner and Karen gets mad and shuts the door.

During class, a girl named Gina announces she wants to switch lab partners, because she hooked up with her current partner Scott and he never called her back. Jo volunteers to switch and becomes partners with Scott and Gina starts working with Rico. Rico is upset with Jo, but she says she just wants to try something new.

Danny tries to talk to Archie and make peace but Archie accuses him of having a crush on Lacey

Lacey gives her statement to Kyle. She initially lies about spending the night at Danny’s but Kyle tells her he already knows. She says she was asleep between midnight and six twenty in the morning.ep3 pc2

Lacey is furious at Danny, because she believes he told Kyle about her sleeping over. Even though he says it must have been his mom who told, she doesn’t believe him and tells him to stay out of her life.

Danny is upset but Jo suggests that he volunteer to help with the sobriety event, since Lacey will be there, and Jo also offers to volunteer with him. Phoebe puts them in charge of helping create a public service announcement video about the dangers of drinking.

Kyle talks to his deputy Sandy about Tara Desai’s necklace. He’s trying to find a picture of it because while he believes it to be the same one Regina was wearing, he can’t prove it. He states that the necklace was in Tara’s purse when Danny killed her and so is not in any of the crime scene photos. He realizes it might appear in one of the photos used to try and sell the house.

Backstage Jo overhears Scott complaining about Gina and he also mentions that the only reason he hooked up with her was because she gave him a ride after he lent his car to Archie.

After the cast is very dismissive of the play, Phoebe gets upset and storms off. Danny rewrites the play and he and Jo take it to Phoebe who likes it and agrees to cast Jo as the lead.

Kyle comes home late and Tess is a little hurt he forgot about helping her clean the garage but tells him she understands how important the case is to him.

Jo shows up late at the diner to study with Rico and he’s hurt thinking she’s bored with him and he leaves.

When Danny comes home Karen confronts him about moving the photo. He lies and says he didn’t and in turn confronts her for telling Kyle about Lacey and yells at her that he doesn’t need protecting.

Lacey likes the new play Danny’s written, while her friend Sarita is angry that she’s been cut out of it and put in charge of the PSA. Archie accuses Danny of manipulating people.

Kyle gets the realtor photos of the Desai house but finds that all the personal family photos had been removed for the house showings.

ep3 pc3A couple of minutes before the play is set to start, Archie walks out, angry that Danny is using it to get closer to Lacey, and Danny takes his part. The play opens, staring Danny, Jo and Lacey. The play deals with living with the past and forgiving where forgetting is impossible. Danny has clearly used it to speak to Lacey, and she very moved.

After the play the PSA is shown, but Sarita has filled it with video of Jo getting drunk at Regina’s party. Rico turns off the video and follows an upset Jo outside.

Lacey snaps at Sarita for making the video and then talks to Danny. He suggests she talk to Jo but she says it’s not that simple. She then demands to know what he wants from her. He takes a step closer to her and they share a brief moment before she storms off.

Rico and Jo reconcile. She says she loved they’re time together but she doesn’t want to go back to just trying to be invisible. She admits for the past five years she’s been afraid to let people see her, but she wants him to join her in her new approach to life. They go off to the diner together.

Danny tells Archie he’s right and that he’ll never be friends with Lacey again but asks Archie to tolerate him and not always call him a freak and psycho, saying he just wants to fit in. Archie says he’ll never fit in and leaves. Danny notices that door to the athletic department and smiles.

Kyle comes home and tells Tess that nothing is more important to him then her and he starts helping clear out the garage.

ep3 pc4

Karen is flipping through a photo album, in which every picture of Tara has been removed, when Danny comes home and tells her he joined the soccer team. Karen confronts him about getting rid of all the photos. He says he did it because it was morbid to keep them around, that he’s trying to start over and they reminded him of what he has done. She tells him she knows about Regina having the necklace and asks what he’s hiding. He admits that he had was scared when Kyle showed him the photo of the necklace and knew how bad it looked, but claims he doesn’t know where the necklace is now. He begs her to believe him, saying he needs her too. She hugs him and tells him she does.

Back at the diner Rico and Jo are talking. He mentions that Gina told him she hooked up with Scott on the night of Regina’s party. Jo remembers Scott mentioning that Archie had borrowed the car the night of the hook up and realizes that means Archie has lied about being home the night of the murder.

As Kyle is cleaning up the garage he finds some old pictures of Jo. He realizes Tara is in one of them and that he now has a photo of her wearing the necklace…

Lacey Porter: Suspect?

Lacey-3There’s something about Lacey that really draws me to her as a suspect. If one of the core three is guilty, I’m inclined to suspect her the most.I have a very hard time of buying either Danny or Jo as Regina’s killer, and while I’m not completely sold on Lacey as guilty either, she would definitely be in my top three suspects list.

But first to start off discussing her as the possible killer of Tara Desai:

First off, if Danny is covering for anyone in the murder of his aunt, Lacey so far is my top choice. Of course we’re only two episodes in, maybe in another two Danny and Lacey will have a conversation that will completely clear her. So far however only Danny and Jo have had conversations that would make no sense if he were covering for Jo, but he and Lacey interestingly enough haven’t.

Furthermore the show has shown there’s some attraction between the two. In the pilot episode for example they had an almost almost-kiss. What’s connecting these two specially? Why is Lacey more open to him then she has been to Jo in the past five years? Is it because the two are the only ones who share the biggest secret of their lives, the truth of Tara Desai’s murder?

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, the opening scene of the pilot does not exclude either Lacey or Jo as suspects in the aunt’s killing. Firstly because we saw it in the form of Jo’s dream and as such it’s unreliable (I’d love to see Lacey’s version of that day), and secondly we have no idea what was happening before the two started playing on the swing set. Maybe they’d only been on the swings a few minutes. Maybe Lacey had been inside before then? Maybe she killed the aunt and left Danny alone in the house with the body?

Now as for Lacey possibly being Regina’s killer:

I’m honestly not sure I can really see this. And yet at the same time a part of me thinks it would make a lot of sense if Lacey was really a sociopath. We know she broke off her friendship with Jo and made herself into one of popular crowd, so we already know that to a certain extent she can adapt to the situation on hand and fit in with different groups of people. Which gives us more evidence that she might be a sociopath (able to mimic human emotions) than any other character in the show so far.

A possible motive for her murdering Regina isn’t obvious to me, unless she killed Tara Desai as well, and Regina really did know this, and Lacey felt she had to kill Regina to protect the truth. Given Phoebe’s story of why her friendship with Regina broke up, Regina doesn’t seem like the kind of person you want to trust with your secrets nor someone whose friendship you can rely on to stay strong.

I’m definitely not committed to Lacey as guilty of murder. But she’s certainly an interesting suspect.

Is There a Sociopath?

Question: Is one of the characters a sociopath?

The show was originally called ‘Socio’ before being renamed to Twisted. We’ve also been given the show’s definition of a sociopath. But is this only because they’re trying to build the suspense over whether or not Danny could really be one, or is it also because Regina’s killer is a sociopath?

The psychology teacher (by the way, can I just ask, what kind of teacher would think delving into the topic of sociopaths was a good idea in that situation?) says ‘most sociopaths don’t bother killing people, it requires too much effort’. Someone beat Regina to death; that seems like a lot of effort. That also seems like a crime of passion (hate, love or revenge, we don’t know, but still a crime of passion). Given the definition they give us of a sociopath, someone who does not feel normal human emotions but instead fakes them extremely well, how likely is a sociopath to kill someone in a crime of passion? That seems like a whole lot effort. Danny’s murder of his aunt, strangling her with a jump rope, that could have been done cold and calculating (I’m not saying it was), that feels like it could be the work of a sociopath. Regina’s death doesn’t. Of course, maybe I’ve just been watching too much Criminal Minds lately.

Of course, if Regina’s killer is a sociopath, that would at least clear Rico! He certainly doesn’t seem to bother with conforming his emotions to the people around him. He’s off in his own world, in the absolutely nicest way possible!

What do you think?

Recap S1 E2: Grief is a Five Letter Word

ep2 pc1The episode opens at Regina’s funeral. Kyle Masterson tells Lacey she’ll need to give a statement about Regina’s party. Jo clearly isn’t happy that Lacey hasn’t told anyone she was with Danny the night of the murder.

At home, Danny’s mother Karen tries to talk Danny into using Lacey as an alibi but Danny refuses. He asks Karen why he hates Jo’s parents Kyle and Tess so much. Karen, rather unconvincingly, claims she doesn’t.

Lacey leaves the funeral with her friends and sees a girl named Phoebe talking to reporters about how much she’ll miss Regina. Lacey gets angry as Phoebe and Regina hadn’t been friends for a year.

At the diner Rico, Danny and Jo talk about the murder. While Danny’s told them both about the text messages it’s clear he hasn’t mentioned the necklace. The three decide to try and figure out what happened in order to clear Danny and they discuss who had motive. They mention Lacey as a possible suspect and while Danny refuses to believe she could ever hurt anyone, Jo insists they ‘leave no stone unturned’.

At the police station Kyle discusses the case with his officer Sandy. They talk about Regina’s text message to Danny, and wonder if Danny recognized Regina’s necklace when Kyle showed him a photo of it. They also mention that Regina’s parents say she started wearing the necklace six or seven months ago but don’t know where she got it.

As Danny and Jo leave the diner together, Kyle drives by and spots them. He angrily tells Jo to get in the car and warns Danny to stay away from his daughter. At home Kyle and Jo argue about Danny, and Kyle says she doesn’t really know him after all he’s been through.

At school Phoebe tries to connect with Lacey but is blown off. She tells her to a grief session the school is hosting that evening.

Karen shows up at Jo’s home, and asks Tess to talk to Kyle on behalf of Danny. After Tess refuses Karen leaves angry.

ep2 pc2

At school, Jo suggests to Danny they have a dinner with their mothers, hoping it will thaw Tess towards him and she’ll talk to Kyle into going easier on him. Danny thinks the idea is silly. Lacey’s boyfriend Archie goads Danny, who goads him right back and the two get in a fight and have to be pulled apart.

The principal tells Archie he has to go to the grief session. He asks Lacey to go with him but she refuses. Meanwhile Danny has been ordered to see a school sponsored therapist. Jo is furious at him for the fight and storms off when he tries to talk to her.

Karen visits the principle and we find out the two have been having an affair. Given the way Karen acts around him, it seems she’s only involved with him for the sake of her son.

Danny meets Lacey at an old fort the three friends used to play in when they were younger. He assures her he neither gave her as an alibi nor killed Regina. He also asks how she is dealing with Regina’s death and suggests she see a professional to cope with it.

Danny goes over to Jo’s house and apologies for the fight. He then invites her, Tess and Rico over for dinner.

Karen drops by Kyle’s office and tells him about Lacey spending the night with Danny. She also mentions that Danny told her about Regina’s texts. She suggests that Kyle is after Danny because he is holding a grudge. Kyle shows her a picture of Regina’s necklace, and while Karen clearly recognizes it, she lies and says she’s never seen it before.

ep2 pc3Tess, Rico and Jo arrive for dinner. Kyle surprises everyone and comes with them. As Danny is setting the table he spots a picture on the side table of his aunt wearing the necklace and removes it. Kyle tries to search Danny’s room but Danny interrupts him.

Lacey shows up at the grief session and listens as everyone tells stories of Regina. She gets angry at all of them for faking a friendship with Regina, especially at Phoebe who then leaves the room.

At the dinner party things are growing steadily tenser and an argument breaks out. Karen resents Tess for calling her a bad mother five years ago and blames her and Kyle for not allowing Jo to be a character witness at Danny’s trial. After Kyle says Danny was lucky to only get five years for the murder, Karen storms off.

Kyle and Tess leave with Rico and Jo talks to Danny. Jo promises that though she couldn’t help him five years ago, she will help him now.

After the grief session ends, Lacey talks to Phoebe. Phoebe explains that she and Regina stopped being friends after Regina lied and told a boy Phoebe liked that she had an STD. Phoebe regrets that they never made up and Lacey admits she’s also sad that her last conversation with Regina didn’t end well. Phoebe assures her that Lacey was Regina’s best friend.

Danny tells his mother she shouldn’t blame anyone else for what happened five years ago and the only person responsible for him spending five years in prison, is himself. He then leaves telling her he’s going to the diner to do homework.

Jo comes home and assures her father she’s not angry about the dinner or the fact he didn’t let her be a character witness five years ago. But she makes it clear that she’s no longer a child and she’s going to follow her beliefs and stand up for Danny.

ep2 pc4

Kyle talks to Tess about the dinner and she mentions having seen a picture on the side table of the aunt and out it disappeared during the evening.

Danny goes to the old fort and lights a fire. He burns the pictures of his aunt and brings out the necklace. He’s about to smash it with a rock and then hesitates. He lowers the rock and sits watching the fire.