Marna Inc.

Question: What’s the connection between Marna Inc. and Aunt Tara’s necklace?


This week we discovered that the apartment in Connecticut is paid for by a bank account that belongs to a realty business named Marna Inc and that this bank account was most likely used to pay off Regina. We also learned that Vikram used to go up to Connecticut, with the full knowledge of his wife who would lie for him and say he was in Manhattan on business.  Up until this point it seemed likely he used the apartment for affairs. However between Karen’s knowledge his trips and the existence of the business, it seems likely there was much more to it.

We do not know for a fact yet, that it was actually Vikram who stayed in the apartment, but it seems likely. And the question still remains, who sent the $2000 to Regina two days before she died?

But one of the most intriguing parts of mystery was that Kyle discovered the logo for the company looked exactly like Aunt Tara’s necklace, which raises some interesting questions.

It definitely links the company to the Desai family, but if it is Vikram’s company why would he use the necklace as the logo? True he might have created the logo before Tara’s death, but why not change it? Wouldn’t he want to forget the woman his son murdered?

Furthermore, Danny told Jo that his father always hated Tara since they were children. So even before her death, why would Vikram want to use her necklace as the symbol of the company?

Danny said the necklace was a family heirloom and very important to Tara. However Tara wasn’t important to Vikram. So perhaps the use of the logo was not so much about Vikram being, for lack of a better word, obsessed with Tara, as much as both he and Tara were obsessed with whatever that necklace stood for.

Of course there’s the possibility that despite appearances the company doesn’t belong to Vikram. In which case it’s still a possibility that the logo is in memory of Tara. And there’s still the fact that Danny assured Jo and Rico that the necklace (and by extension whatever it stood for) had nothing to do with his reasons for killing Tara.

What do you think?


Archie’s Alibi

Question: Was Archie telling the whole truth about his relationship with Regina?


Something about Archie’s new alibi doesn’t’ quite add up. At first he claimed to have been home all night but after Danny confronted him about borrowing Scott’s car that night, Archie confessed to meeting with the couch of a rival soccer team that evening. Lacey then confronted him about the DVD Regina made of him playing soccer and he said she made it for him to help because her uncle was the athletic director at the school. However three things don’t quite add up.

1. Admittedly Regina was a very outgoing and flirty girl. She didn’t hesitate to let people know when she found someone attractive. She was pretty forthright. Yet she doesn’t seem dumb. If you were trying to show off a guy’s soccer skills in a DVD to help him get a spot on a team you would not put in captions talking about his attractiveness and calling him things like ‘delicious’, it doesn’t make sense and certainly not something you’d want to show your uncle.

2. Why did she still have the DVD in her possession? If Archie went out to talk to the people that night, wouldn’t she have already given the video to her uncle?

3. Lacey asks him why he didn’t tell her about the meeting with the coach. To which he responds that he didn’t want to tell anyone, not even his parents, until he was sure it would work out. And yet he told Regina? Why? Just because her uncle was the athletic director? That was unlikely to have much effect on the school’s decision. Possibly he asked her about her uncle to figure what kind of guy he was, but it still comes off as strange that he talked to her about it when he didn’t even tell his parents he might be switching schools.

I definitely think Archie could still have been having some kind of affair with Regina. Either way I still think there are some major unanswered questions involving him, Regina and his alibi. He was meeting with the coach that night, but he had the car all night. What else might he have done? I doubt Archie is the killer, but he could know more then he’s letting on.

What do you think?

The Necklace, Part II

the necklace part 2

Since my previous post about the necklace, we’ve learned a bit more about it, which further complicates the question of whether or not Regina’s necklace and the aunt’s necklace are one in the same and how she got it. One of the conversations in the police station mentioned a very interesting fact about Tara’s necklace; that it was in her purse at the time of her death.

When the police arrived at the scene of Tara’s murder, the necklace was in her purse. Danny could not have taken the necklace at that point. We don’t know the exact timeline of how soon after the murder Danny was arrested, but given the fact he confessed to his two friends immediately after allegedly committing the crime, he was probably arrested pretty quickly. I don’t know the rules of parole for a child, especially after he confessed. Would he have had an opportunity after the murder to remove the necklace, after the police had already determined that it was in Tara’s purse? If so did he hide it somewhere? Maybe in the fort and that’s why he was so shocked to see Regina with it? But what possible motive would he have to put so much effort into hiding a necklace assuming he did somehow have opportunity?

If Danny could not have hidden the necklace after the police came on the scene then that leaves a couple of options. The necklace would have ended up back in the custody of Danny’s parents’ wouldn’t it? Unless one of the police stole it (for instance, Kyle). If the necklace was in Karen and Vikram’s custody, how could they have lost track of it so badly that it ended up in Regina’s possession? Maybe the necklace was worth a good bit and Vikram pawned it along with other items due to their money issues?

There’s still the possibility that Regina’s necklace is not the same one the aunt had, but if so the question would still remain how did Danny end up with the aunt’s necklace? Karen doesn’t seem to have given it to him on his return (and it would have been bizarre if she had done). So if the Karen and her husband had the aunt’s necklace all this time, and Regina’s necklace is a different one, wouldn’t Karen know they were different necklaces as Regina got the necklace 5 – 6 months ago, and Danny would only have taken the aunt’s necklace away from his mother a few weeks ago. So if the necklaces were different I’d think Karen would be much less suspicious of Danny’s motives in the current situation. But she clearly thinks they’re the same.

The last possibility I thought of was falling back on the Tara-was-his-real-mother theory. If Tara was Danny’s real mother and not Karen, it’s possible his dad gave him the necklace (would someone in juvie be allowed a personal item like a necklace?) or set it aside for him and possibly Karen didn’t know.

I’m honestly more and more coming to the conclusion that necklaces are actually one in the same. Which leaves us with one very important question, how did Danny get it?

What do you think?

Recap S1 E3: PSA de Résistance

ep3 pc1The episode opens with Lacey and her friends working on a school play directed by Phoebe for sobriety awareness. It’s a pretty bad play and Lacey’s friends are misbehaving.

At the diner Jo and Rico are studying when Danny arrives. Rico mentions he and Jo have the highest GPA in school but don’t really do anything but study and Danny suggests they’re not getting the full high school experience. They also discuss who might have some information on Regina and Danny suggests he try talking to Lacey.

Lacey is nervous about having to give a statement to the police tomorrow. Archie mentions he was home the night of Regina’s party/murder, resting for a big game.

Tess Masterson is upset that she’s lost her art studio downtown, but her husband suggests they just clear out the garage for her and offers to help her that night. Kyle mentions that he’s going to go talk to Karen about the photo of Tara that Tess had seen at the house. Tess mentions that Tara looked pissed off in the photo and Kyle comments that she always looked pissed off.

Danny tries to talk to Lacey in school and win her over but Archie comes along and is very rude to him and walks off with Lacey.

Kyle shows up at the Desai house and apologies to Karen for the dinner but he mentions the photo being moved during the dinner and Karen gets mad and shuts the door.

During class, a girl named Gina announces she wants to switch lab partners, because she hooked up with her current partner Scott and he never called her back. Jo volunteers to switch and becomes partners with Scott and Gina starts working with Rico. Rico is upset with Jo, but she says she just wants to try something new.

Danny tries to talk to Archie and make peace but Archie accuses him of having a crush on Lacey

Lacey gives her statement to Kyle. She initially lies about spending the night at Danny’s but Kyle tells her he already knows. She says she was asleep between midnight and six twenty in the morning.ep3 pc2

Lacey is furious at Danny, because she believes he told Kyle about her sleeping over. Even though he says it must have been his mom who told, she doesn’t believe him and tells him to stay out of her life.

Danny is upset but Jo suggests that he volunteer to help with the sobriety event, since Lacey will be there, and Jo also offers to volunteer with him. Phoebe puts them in charge of helping create a public service announcement video about the dangers of drinking.

Kyle talks to his deputy Sandy about Tara Desai’s necklace. He’s trying to find a picture of it because while he believes it to be the same one Regina was wearing, he can’t prove it. He states that the necklace was in Tara’s purse when Danny killed her and so is not in any of the crime scene photos. He realizes it might appear in one of the photos used to try and sell the house.

Backstage Jo overhears Scott complaining about Gina and he also mentions that the only reason he hooked up with her was because she gave him a ride after he lent his car to Archie.

After the cast is very dismissive of the play, Phoebe gets upset and storms off. Danny rewrites the play and he and Jo take it to Phoebe who likes it and agrees to cast Jo as the lead.

Kyle comes home late and Tess is a little hurt he forgot about helping her clean the garage but tells him she understands how important the case is to him.

Jo shows up late at the diner to study with Rico and he’s hurt thinking she’s bored with him and he leaves.

When Danny comes home Karen confronts him about moving the photo. He lies and says he didn’t and in turn confronts her for telling Kyle about Lacey and yells at her that he doesn’t need protecting.

Lacey likes the new play Danny’s written, while her friend Sarita is angry that she’s been cut out of it and put in charge of the PSA. Archie accuses Danny of manipulating people.

Kyle gets the realtor photos of the Desai house but finds that all the personal family photos had been removed for the house showings.

ep3 pc3A couple of minutes before the play is set to start, Archie walks out, angry that Danny is using it to get closer to Lacey, and Danny takes his part. The play opens, staring Danny, Jo and Lacey. The play deals with living with the past and forgiving where forgetting is impossible. Danny has clearly used it to speak to Lacey, and she very moved.

After the play the PSA is shown, but Sarita has filled it with video of Jo getting drunk at Regina’s party. Rico turns off the video and follows an upset Jo outside.

Lacey snaps at Sarita for making the video and then talks to Danny. He suggests she talk to Jo but she says it’s not that simple. She then demands to know what he wants from her. He takes a step closer to her and they share a brief moment before she storms off.

Rico and Jo reconcile. She says she loved they’re time together but she doesn’t want to go back to just trying to be invisible. She admits for the past five years she’s been afraid to let people see her, but she wants him to join her in her new approach to life. They go off to the diner together.

Danny tells Archie he’s right and that he’ll never be friends with Lacey again but asks Archie to tolerate him and not always call him a freak and psycho, saying he just wants to fit in. Archie says he’ll never fit in and leaves. Danny notices that door to the athletic department and smiles.

Kyle comes home and tells Tess that nothing is more important to him then her and he starts helping clear out the garage.

ep3 pc4

Karen is flipping through a photo album, in which every picture of Tara has been removed, when Danny comes home and tells her he joined the soccer team. Karen confronts him about getting rid of all the photos. He says he did it because it was morbid to keep them around, that he’s trying to start over and they reminded him of what he has done. She tells him she knows about Regina having the necklace and asks what he’s hiding. He admits that he had was scared when Kyle showed him the photo of the necklace and knew how bad it looked, but claims he doesn’t know where the necklace is now. He begs her to believe him, saying he needs her too. She hugs him and tells him she does.

Back at the diner Rico and Jo are talking. He mentions that Gina told him she hooked up with Scott on the night of Regina’s party. Jo remembers Scott mentioning that Archie had borrowed the car the night of the hook up and realizes that means Archie has lied about being home the night of the murder.

As Kyle is cleaning up the garage he finds some old pictures of Jo. He realizes Tara is in one of them and that he now has a photo of her wearing the necklace…

The Timing of Regina’s Death

Question: Was the timing of Regina’s death, on Danny’s first day back at school, a coincidence?

Regina Death

It’s one of the reasons all the characters in the show suspect him. Danny comes back to school and that night a girl is killed. It is suspicious. Was Danny’s return the cause and Regina’s death the effect? Or is it all a coincidence?

There’s some reason to believe Danny’s return might have led to Regina’s death. Not because he killed her, but because she did claim to know why he murdered his aunt. If his reason involves a third party, if he knew something about his aunt and someone else, Danny’s return might have led that person to panic. But why kill Regina? Or least, why only kill Regina? Wouldn’t the killer want to silence Danny as well? Just because he didn’t speak out when he was 11, that person has no way of knowing he won’t speak out now. Especially when speaking out might let him off the hook for Regina’s death? Of course maybe the killer is hoping to kill two birds with one stone by murdering Regina and letting Danny take the blame.

It could of course be a coincidence. Events that could have led to Regina’s death have been brewing for a while. She was given the necklace 6 -7 months ago. Vikram Desai went missing 5 months ago (we don’t know if that’s connected to Regina, but it could be). She has knowledge about a murder that no one else but Danny seems to have? Things were brewing. Danny could easily have just returned at a bad time.

Honestly I still can’t make up my mind. It seems to me more likely though that somehow Danny coming back to town set things off in some way.

What do you think?

Who Gave Regina the Necklace?

Question: Who gave Regina the necklace and why?


It’s hard to say who might have given Regina the necklace and what their motive might be. We know she received it 6 to 7 months before the show starts (it’s important to note that this is 1 – 2 months before Vikram Desai went missing so he could still possibly have given it to her), she always wore it and she never told her parents where she got it from.

What’s interesting about the last fact is that it seems to take Lacey off the table of possible givers. Why would Regina not mention to her parents’ that a good friend had given her a necklace? Possibly, if the necklace is the exact same one as owned by Danny’s aunt, Lacey might have asked Regina not to mention where she’d gotten it, but Regina seemed oblivious when Danny asked her about it (but that could well have been an act). In fact, most of the teenagers seem taken off the table as possible givers of the necklace for this very reason; there’s no reason Regina would not have told her parents.

The fact that Regina received it a 6 to 7 months before Danny was released from prison…a coincidence? Or on purpose? Was someone purposefully trying to taunt Danny? But how could they be sure Regina would wear it so often? Possibly Regina was in on it. She does after all send a text message to Danny claiming to know why he killed his aunt. Though I did read one person’s theory, which I admit I found pretty intriguing, that it’s possible the text messages weren’t from Regina at all, but from her killer using her phone, after she was already dead (which would automatically clear Lacey, Jo and Danny). Someone who had seen her either at school, the party or both, flirting with him and knew she had been trying to come on to him.

All possibilities.

One theory I currently have been considering is the possibility that someone had an affair with both Danny’s Aunt and Regina. Someone who then proceeded to give the same necklace, or a similar necklace, to each of them, or took the Aunt’s necklace and a few years later gave it to Regina. Aunt Tara’s and Regina’s ages are a good bit apart, but Regina seems like the type of person who might pursue an older man (or woman?), and there is always the possibility that Tara abused Danny which leads to the possibility of a second abused child who could then have gone on to date Regina.

One reason I think the possibility of someone being involved with both Tara and Regina is so appealing is it would then explain how Regina might have learned the real reason Danny killed his aunt. She was told by whoever gave her the necklace, who in turn knew the truth from their time with Tara.

With the possibility of abuse, a teenager is still very much a viable suspect, but honestly an adult makes slightly more sense to me, because of one further question. How did the person get the necklace from the aunt? If the necklaces are the same then it would be difficult for an eleven year old child to take the Aunt’s necklace after her death. However it would be easier for an adult and especially easy for police chief Kyle Masterson. Yes, if someone was had an affair with both Aunt Tara and Regina, Jo’s father is at the top of my list of who it could be. And to take this a step further just for the fun of it, that makes his wife Tess a prime suspect in Regina’s death.

What do you think?

The Necklace

Question: Is the aunt’s necklace and Regina’s necklace, one and the same?

The Necklace

The necklace we see in the photograph of the aunt, and the necklace that was taken from Regina’s body, obviously look alike, and while they’re clearly connected, it doesn’t mean they’re the same one.

At the end of the pilot episode we see Danny holding a (the?) necklace. As I see it, there are two options.

1. Danny went over to Regina’s house and either took or was given the necklace and left the house before she died. (I just can’t believe he really killed Regina. Not because we know that much yet about his character, but you wouldn’t find a hero outside of an HBO show (or a similar network), going around killing people. I’m about 90% convinced he really killed his aunt. But that’s back story and I’m sure they’ve written him a darn good reason. Killing Regina, there could be no coming back from that).


2. There are two necklaces and the one Danny has is his aunt’s, not Regina’s; which probably means that whatever motive Danny had for killing his aunt is much bigger then we might realize. Maybe someone gave Regina the necklace to taunt Danny. Maybe there’s a group of some kind involved. Either way the necklace says something and connects Regina to Danny’s aunt. Or at least whoever gave it to Regina.

Personally, I think the second is more likely. I think showing Danny with the necklace is supposed to fool us into thinking he was at Regina’s when he wasn’t.

What do you think?