Recap S1 E11: Out with the In-Crowd

ep11 pc1Lacey go to school where everyone is pointing and talking about the video.

Jo is spending the day at home, ignoring Danny’s texts. Kyle tries to talk to her about it but she says she just needs to take a day off from everything.

Karen and Danny talk about having to get him into another school so he won’t be violating his patrol and Danny offers to get a job in the meantime to help pay the bills.

Lacey’s friends are ignoring her and she remembers a time with Regina when they weren’t talking to Phoebe and Regina tells them about a fight the two had in which she says Phoebe scratched her arm.

Lacey tries to talk to Archie and apologize to him about Danny, but Archie is still hurt.

Rico talks to Jo and says how much the video has messed up Lacey’s life but Jo says she no longer cares.

Danny meets Lacey outside of school and says he’s going over to Jo’s house to make things better and asks Lacey to come with him.

The PI Marilyn Rossi insists Kyle drag the lake again and says that investigating Marna Inc and the missing town hall files is a waste of time. Kyle hasn’t yet told her about Karen having been the one who threw the necklace away.

Danny and Lacey try to apologize to Jo but she is furious at their lying. Danny tries to take the blame away from Lacey but Jo says she’s sick of his excuses. Lacey lets slip that Rico also knew about the video and Jo tells them all to leave.

Kyle suggests the Masterson family all go out to a movie and Jo agrees.

Karen asks her boss for some overtime and he agrees and gives her a project to work on.

Jo runs into Tyler at the movie theater and he invites her to come over to his house and hang with his friends. She asks her parents for permission and leaves with him.

Danny sneaks into Lacey’s room and encourages her to crash a party the soccer team is throwing, saying he has a plan to fix things for her.

Rico drops by the Masterson’s to get his backpack and Tess suggests he wait for Jo to come home.

Lacey goes to the diner where the soccer party is. Her friends and Archie all cold shoulder her but she refuses to leave. She sends a text to Danny, who says he’ll be by in five and instructs her to say exactly what they rehearsed.

ep11 pc2Danny shows up at the party and picks a fight with Archie, who makes a veiled threat that insinuates he had something to do with Cole and the poisoning. Lacey stands up and publicly tells Danny that hooking up with him was her stupidest mistake and that she wishes he had never come back to town. Danny leaves. Later Archie comes over to her and she apologizes for everything again and this time he accepts it. She asks Archie about what he said earlier and he admits he and Scott poisoned Cole to get Danny off the team. Lacey sees Cole getting a text message and then leaving.

Tyler and Jo watch a movie together and joke around. Then they kiss and start to get intimate but Jo stops and leaves. Before she leaves Tyler tells her he’s crazy about her and that she has to move on from Danny.

Kyle gets a call from the police station and leaves abruptly.

Cole and Danny meet up and Cole finally admits that Archie must have poisoned him.

Danny gets a text from Jo asking to meet her at the park.

Cole comes back to the party and accuses Archie. Archie denies it but Lacey says he just confessed the poisoning to her. Cole quits the team. Lacey also tells Sarita it’s unfair to use Regina to shame her and then walks out.

Karen shows her boss some errors in his paper work that proves he’s been doing some dishonest financing and Karen threatens to tell the IRS.

Danny meets up with Jo who says she loves him and asks if he could ever feel the same way. He says he would never risk their friendship for that and then admits he still has feelings for Lacey.

At the police station Kyle is told they found Regina’s murder weapon in the lake and that Danny’s finger prints are all over it. Rossi presses for Danny to be arrested immediately. Kyle calls Tess and tells her about the discovery.

ep11 pc3Jo goes back to Tyler’s house and starts making out with him and the two sleep together. Afterwards she tells him it was her first time.

Danny comes home to find Karen packing their bags. She tells him the murder weapon was found with his prints and he’s shocked. She says she has money now and they’ll be alright if they run. He agrees.

Jo comes home and Rico apologies for lying. They hug and then he says he loves her and tries to kiss her but she rejects him and Rico leaves.

Phoebe visits Lacey and says she believes her about Archie. They look at an old picture of Regina with the scratch on her arm but Phoebe denies ever doing it. She remembers Regina getting out of a car with the scratch still bleeding. Phoebe didn’t see who was driving a car but Regina had stated it was a woman and Phoebe remembers a Connecticut license plate.

We see the same car in the present, being driven by Rossi. She and Kyle show up at the Desai ep11 pc4house to arrest Danny. They see Karen’s packed backs and Kyle asks her how she knew they were coming. Danny has already left the house.

Alone, Tess makes a phone call to Vikram and tells him something very bad is happening and it’s time for him to come home.

Recap S1 E10: Poison of Interest

ep10 pc1Danny asks Jo and Lacey to meet him. He tries to apologize about not telling them he had the necklace but they’re still angry and asks how they could trust him now. Jo says there has been too many secrets and the two girls walk away.

Rico confronts his math friend Doug about the video, and Doug admits he had taken it after going back to Danny’s house that night to get a jacket and then finding the Danny mask in the bushes.

The soccer coach that covered about the poisoning tells Danny that he’s been fired after the other couch told the school board.

The poisoning is all over the news. Kyle admits he feels sorry for Danny and also says there’s now more to the Regina case then just Danny. Jo however isn’t so sure anymore.

Karen and Danny show up at a meeting with the principle, the president and the vice-president of the school board, one of whom is Regina’s mother Gloria. Because Danny missed one of his therapy sessions, he is going to be expelled. The principle points out that Danny has a right to a hearing, at which people can be called to speak both for and against him. The hearing is scheduled for the next day.

Danny talks to Cole, the person he was accused of poisoning. Cole says he thinks Danny is guilty.

Archie tells Jo and Lacey he feels sorry for Danny after everything and Lacey is touched. Jo is suspicious however and wonders if Archie set Danny up, but Lacey tells her she has to move on.ep10 pc2

Kyle tells the Mayor about Marna. Inc and the apartment in Connecticut. He says the company filed building permit papers at the town hall of Green Grove but that they’re now missing. He asks the Mayor to find out what happened to them. The Mayor thinks it’s a waste of time and that Kyle should be going after Danny.

Tyler tells Jo he stopped making the documentary and asks Jo if they can be friends. He mentions the hearing and how hard it’ll be to find someone to say something positive for Danny at the hearing, saying how hard it was for the documentary.

Lacey talks to Archie and asks if they could be friends. Rico talks to her in private and tells her about the video and that Doug has showed it to a couple of people.

Jo shows up at Danny’s house and offers to help him as he shouldn’t be expelled for something he didn’t do. They talk about the possibility of Archie framing him but decide they couldn’t prove it. Jo suggests using Tyler’s movie, saying there might be some interviews that portray Danny in a positive light.

Kyle tells Tess that Gloria denied that Regina and Vikram could have been having an affair.

Lacey has a girls’ night with her friends but is anxious about the video. After asking if they’d forgive her if she’d done something terrible, Sarita says they’re best friends and nothing will ever change that.

Tyler, Jo and Danny look over the interviews and find one Cole gave after the poisoning, in which Cole calls Danny his friend and rejects outright the theory that Danny could have been involved in his illness.

Tess meets Gloria for coffee and tries to talk her out of expelling Danny. But Gloria says it’s her mission to get him kicked out of school and then to make him pay for Regina’s death. She refuses to believe that Danny might not have been involved and walks away.

Danny and Jo show Cole the video, but he says it was made before he heard about the moth balls found in the locker room. Cole says he’s already been asked to speak against Danny at the hearing. Jo threatens to use the video at the hearing, but after Cole begs her not to, saying the team means too much to him and Danny assures him the video won’t be shown, telling Jo he won’t make Cole an outsider on the team.

ep10 pc3Rico tells Lacey that Doug is showing the video to more people, but Lacey says she doesn’t care, her friends will forgive her. Rico tells her that Jo won’t, because she’s in love with Danny. Horrified, Lacey goes off to talk to Doug.

At the hearing Jo signs up to speak for Danny. The soccer team arrives and Archie is called on to testify. He says Danny was difficult on the team and everyone was scared of him. He also says the he himself was scare during their fight.

Cole is called to testify and says Danny was and is his friend, and that he just doesn’t know whether he’s guilty of the poisoning.

Lacey orders Doug to delete all copies of the video. She snaps at Doug’s friend Eloise and Rico says she shouldn’t have done that because Eloise never forgets.

Tess speaks at the hearing for Danny, saying how hard he’s been trying and should be given a second chance. Gloria says it’s not appropriate for Tess to testify as she’s the wife of the police chief. Tess retaliates and says Gloria shouldn’t be judging the case as she said at breakfast it was her mission to get Danny expelled. Gloria calls Danny a serial killer, causing Karen to call Regina a whore.

Jo takes the floor and says Danny is a good person. She says it’s hard to trust him and it’d be easier to turn her back on him but that he is the most amazing person, and she accidently lets slip that she loves him.

While the board deliberates Jo tells Danny they don’t have to talk about what she said. He tells her their relationship is very special and that he doesn’t know what he’d do without it.

The Mayor shows up at Kyle office and tells him he’s going to have to work with a private investigator as the Regina case has gotten off track. The investigator asks Kyle to show her everything he has on the murder and Danny Desai.

Jo talks to Lacey about the hearing and admits her feelings for Danny but says he doesn’t feel the same way. She says she never would have done anything with him without talking to Lacey first as Lacey means too much to her. The two hug.

The principle tells Danny that the board has decided to expel him.ep10 pc4

The entire school starts receiving the video, sent by Eloise, including Sarita, Phoebe, Tyler, Archie, Danny and Lacey. Finally, as they’re studying together at the diner, Rico and Jo also get the video. Jo watches it in shock.

Recap S1 E9: The Truth Will Out

ep9 pc1Lacey and Danny are at the police station. Lacey comforts Danny who is in shock over his mother’s confession to murdering Regina. Jo shows up having received a text from Danny.

Kyle questions Karen. She said she saw Regina wearing Tara’s necklace and guessed she’d been having an affair with Vikram. She went to confront Regina who admitted the affair and Karen says she snapped and killed her. Karen asks to speak to Danny.

Lacey and Jo wonder whether Karen could have sent Regina the letter. A tired Lacey mentions that her father is coming to town for her sister’s birthday party.

Alone together, Danny accuses Karen of still thinking he’s guilty of Regina’s murder but Karen continues to insist she did it. He asks why she would take Tara’s necklace and plant it in his locker to which she responds ‘who says it was in your locker?’. She then tells him to go be happy.

Eddie and Kyle talk about the case. While Kyle thinks Karen is covering for Danny, Eddie points out that if Danny has a conscious he won’t let his mother take the fall for his own crime.

Kyle tells Danny they’re holding his mother for 48 hours before deciding whether to charge her and then invites him to stay with them for the time being.

Lacey and Danny pack some of his things and he asks her if they can tell Jo about their relationship but Lacey still doesn’t want to. She suggests they tell Kyle everything about the cash, note and apartment and he agrees.

The three show Kyle the evidence and he’s angry that they didn’t tell him sooner. Kyle points out that if Karen is charged Danny have to go to his nearest kin, his grandmother in Arizona.

Danny goes to Karen and points out he can’t be happy if he has to move to Arizona and leave Jo and Lacey. Kyle shows Karen the note and the money. She says she has no idea what it is and he believes her and pleads with her to retract her confession so he can solve the crime.

Jo and Rico talk about Danny possibly having to move and Rico accidently lets slip about the necklace and Karen and that he told her dad. Jo says she doubts she and Lacey will continue their friendship if Danny leaves and Rico suggests she just has to try harder.

Lacey comes home to find her dad there. He and her mother start to bicker.

Eddie tells Kyle there’s nothing in Vikram’s financial records about the apartment and Kyle sends him to Connecticut to find out what else he can learn.

At their old fort, Danny, Lacey and Jo talk about Karen throwing away the necklace and Lacey and Jo now seem convinced of Karen’s guilt. Upset at the idea of moving away from them, Danny leaves. Alone Lacey mention her parents arguing and Jo offers to come to the birthday party for moral support.ep9 pc2

Danny confesses to Kyle that Karen took the necklace from him and about finding the necklace in his locker. Kyle accuses Danny of being willing to take the fall for Karen and only coming forward now because he doesn’t want to move to Arizona.  The two decide to try and prove Karen’s innocence.

Tess visits Karen at the jail and tells her she knows she’s not a killer and just loves her son. Karen doubts Danny knows that and remembers a time when Danny was little and heard her wishing she had a daughter instead of a son.

Jo shows up at the birthday party and when Lacey’s parents start to bicker is able to smooth things over.

Danny and Kyle check Karen’s computer and finds highly suggestive photos of the school principle Mark Tang. Danny is shocked.

Jo finds Mr. Porter making out with his daughter’s gymnastic teacher, Mitch. Jo is shocked but tells Mr. Porter that Lacey always felt the divorce was her fault and encourages him to tell her the truth.

Karen remembers talking to Danny and telling him she didn’t mean what she said about wishing she had a daughter, but Danny told her she did mean it and that she only ever loved herself. She calls him an ungrateful little brat.

Danny meets with the principle and tries to blackmail him into giving his mother an alibi. In return Tang says that if Danny tells anyone about the photos, he’ll tell people the real reason Danny was forced to leave the soccer team.

ep9 pc3Lacey tells Jo how well everything is going and how happy she is that Jo came. Lacey is one the verge of telling her about her relationship with Danny when Jo tells her that her dad is gay.

Rico runs into Danny and tries to cheer him up about Arizona. Danny tells him her knows Rico saw his mom throw the necklace into the lake and Rico tells him that the first thing he thought when he saw it was how much Karen must love him.

Lacey confronts her father and he and her mother go off to talk.

Eddie tells Kyle that the apartment was paid for by a local business account under the name Marna Inc. Also right before Regina died $2000 dollars was withdrawn from the account, the same amount that was sent to Regina. Kyle wonders if Vikram really is dead.

Danny again talks to his mother and begs her to retract the confession. He says he knows how much she loves him and that he needs that with him.

Karen retracts the confessions and Danny tells Kyle moving would be unbearable because he can’t lose Lacey and Jo. Kyle says if that’s true he owes it to them to be honest with them then about the necklace.

As her parents’ argue, Lacey and Jo talk. Lacey thanks her for telling her about her dad and says she just wants her father to be happy. The both receive a text from Danny asking them to meet him.

Kyle searches online for information about Marna Inc. and finds that there logo looks exactly like the design of Tara’s necklace.

ep9 pc4Karen comes home and remembers talking to Vikram years earlier. He tells her he’s going to Connecticut for a couple of nights and reminds her if anyone asks to say he’s in Manhattan on business.

Danny tells Jo and Lacey that his mother retracted her confession and then tells them about finding the necklace in his locker. Lacey is furious and tells him they’re done. Both she and Jo walk away.

Rico receives an email with a video attachment. It’s the recording of Lacey and Danny making out in his house.

Recap S1 E8: Docu-Trauma

ep8 pc1Danny and Lacey are making out in her room. Danny asks if they can tell Jo about their relationship but Lacey is adamant she wants them a secret. Danny asks her out on a date in the park tomorrow night.

At the diner Rico and Jo are talking about her feelings for Danny. She decides to send him a text asking to talk at school tomorrow so she can tell him how she feels.

Danny asks Karen if she has any idea how Regina might have gotten Tara’s necklace and if it’s possible that Vikram gave it to her. Karen says he tried to get it from the estate lawyers after Tara’s death but they couldn’t find it. Danny asks if Vikram could have lied about it and also if he was having an affair before he went missing. Angry at what Danny is implying, Karen leaves for work. Danny hears her cry out and finds the entire front yard has been strewn with red jump ropes.

At school a picture of Danny’s yard is circulating. Lacey sees it and gets upset.

Jo is about to tell Danny how she feels when Tyler comes over and asks Danny if he’d be up to do give an interview about returning to town for his documentary. Danny says no. Tyler then asks Jo if she’d be interested in dinner, Jo says no and Tyler at first thinks Danny and her are a couple, but Danny assures him that Jo is like a sister to him. Rejected, Jo decides not to tell Danny she likes him.

A police officer, Eddie, asks Kyle why he hasn’t done anything with the necklace yet. Kyle says he doesn’t’ want to put pressure on Karen when she’s starting her new job but he’s having coffee with her tonight.ep8 sc2

At the date in the park, Danny and Lacey are having a nice time. Someone is watching them from the trees however and the two hear something. Several people come out of the woods wearing masks of Danny and holding red jump ropes and scare the two of them.

Jo tells her mother what happened with Danny. Tess encourages her daughter not to give up but to look for someone else.

At coffee with Karen, Kyle finally tells her he knows she was at the park the night of Fall Fest. He tries to get her to tell him what she knows but she storms off.

At school Danny tries to talk to Lacey, but she’s freaked out and scared by what happened. She says they should lay low for a while and Danny expresses hurt that she feels she has to hide him.

Rico also encourages Jo to look for another guy. Danny comes over and suggests she go out with Tyler. Jo decides to go for it and takes Tyler up on his offer for dinner.

Danny decides to throw a party and invites Rico. He also asks Tyler to come and use his popularity to bring people, in exchange Danny offers to give Tyler the interview and agrees to let him film at the party.

At the police station Kyle shows Karen and her lawyer the necklace and tells her he has a witness who saw her throw it in the lake.

At dinner Tyler and Jo hit it off, and she admits this is her first date. He is able to help her relax and the two joke and have a good time.

Lacey tells Danny she’s not coming to his party. Upset Danny says he doesn’t think it’s about other people but about the pranks bringing back bad memories for her. He says he understands if she can’t date him but to make up her mind because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Rico comes to the party and starts drinking. Jo and Tyler also show up and she tells Danny that the date went well.

Karen’s lawyer advices her to tell Kyle the truth. She refuses to incriminate Danny but the lawyer warns her she could be held as an accessory to murder and that they should first help her and then worry about Danny.

Tyler interviews Danny at the party and lets slip that he knows there were more than one prank and Danny becomes suspicious.

At Lacey’s house, Phoebe tries to encourage her to go to Danny’s party, saying that Tyler told everyone something big was going to happen at it and that it’s be a night ‘the socio’ would never forget.

Danny tells Jo he’s suspicious about Tyler, but he can’t tell her why since he can’t tell her about the second prank without giving away his relationship with Lacey, so Jo gets angry and walks away.

ep8 sc3Lacey shows up at the party and warns Danny and Jo about Tyler’s planning something but Jo doesn’t believe it. Suddenly more of the mask-wearing fake-Dannys appear at the party along with a dummy wearing a mask of Tara with which they reenact the murder. Jo looks over and sees Tyler grinning and filming it. Karen, who has just come home, throws everyone out.

Jo apologizes to Danny for what Tyler did and Danny admits the party was a bad idea. After Danny goes to check on his mom Jo talks to Tyler and accuses him of organizing all the pranks. He admits it. After she tells him to leave he says they have potential and begs her not to throw it away. She agrees that they did but says he just blew it.

Jo goes to talk to Lacey on the swings and they talk about the day Tara died, and how it was Lacey who insisted they go into the house after Danny had come outside, and they both agree they can’t forget the site of Tara’s body in the living room. They then talk about guys and dating and how frustrating it is, but Jo says it’d be worth it for the right guy.

Danny talks to a rather drunk Rico and asks him if he has feelings for Jo. Rico ep8 sc4says yes. Jo and Lacey come into the house and Danny says his mother has gone for a walk. Jo takes Rico home and left alone Lacey apologies for freaking out. She and Danny start to make out. Outside, someone wearing a Danny-mask films them.

Karen meets Kyle in his office and says she wants to tell him the truth. She confesses to murdering Regina.

Recap S1 E7: We Need To Talk About Danny

ep7 pc1At soccer practice the coach talks about the big game that weekend. He switches Danny to defense and puts Cole, a teammate who has befriended Danny, into offense.

Jo has a dream about Danny sneaking into her room and kissing her. She wakes up, realizing Rico was right, she does have a crush on Danny.

Karen apologizes again to Danny and the two patch things up a bit. She tells him she has a job interview that day. He leaves to meet Cole for a workout.

Jo asks her mom about Vikram, Tess says he was a lot like Danny, complex but fun and outgoing. She also admits they hadn’t talked much since Tara’s death.

Lacey asks her friends about Regina’s Connecticut boyfriend but they don’t know anything. Phoebe’s brother Tyler comes by and invites them to a party in the graveyard.

Jo admits to Rico that she’s crushing on Danny and wants to stop and he says she has to stop obsessing about everything Danny-related.

Lacey and Jo meet up at their old fort. They discuss the possibility that Regina and Vikram were having an affair and then wonder if Vikram was murdered and Regina knew about it. Lacey suggests that Tara and Regina’s deaths were related and Jo suggests Lacey try asking Danny about his reasons for killing his aunt.ep7 pc2

Lacey sends Danny a text to meet and asks him about five years ago. He expresses his frustration over her mixed signals and says how often he thinks about their kiss. Lacey walks away.

Kyle has the police combing the lake looking for the necklace.

At soccer practice the coach announces that Cole has come down with food poisoning and won’t be able to play in the game tomorrow. He moves Danny back to offense. Archie makes a comment implying Danny might have something to do with the poisoning and the teammates start to look at him suspiciously.

At his pottery class with Tess, Danny talks to her about girls and admits to having feelings for someone (though he assures her it’s not Jo). Tess’s advice is that he just be there for her and show her he’s not giving up. He receives a text from the coach and has to leave.

The coach tells Danny evidence was found in the locker room that Cole was purposefully poisoned and points out that Danny was the last person to see Cole and complaints have been coming in. He tells Danny he’s going to let him resign from the team quietly.

Outside Jo runs into Danny and she sees that he’s really very upset but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Tyler comes up and asks Jo to come to his party. When he mentions that Lacey is going to be there, Danny accepts for the both of them. Rico tries to talk Jo out of going she insists she has to because Danny was so upset and Rico accuses her of not really trying to get over Danny.

Kyle runs into Karen at the diner who is upset about not getting the job. He tries to make her feel better and she seems to grow a little warmer towards him.

At Tyler’s party, Archie and Lacey argue. Jo and Danny show up. Jo suggests to Lacey that they confront Danny together about his aunt and Lacey agrees. Danny runs into the team and he tells them he quit for personal reasons.

Karen and Kyle are having a pleasant dinner together and she tells him how much she used to envy his marriage to Tess.

ep7 pc3Lacey and Jo confront Danny. He tells them about being forced to quit the team and accuses Archie, but he refuses to talk about Tara. After the girls tell him about the apartment being under Vikram’s name he walks off.

Jo follows Danny, and he tells her that Tara and his dad hated each other for some reason dating back to childhood but he doesn’t know more. He says Tara was going to destroy his family and ruin his life, and assures Jo that she did have the power to do that. When Jo asks how Danny is protecting her, Danny begs her not to make him tell her, that he just wants her to be happy and safe. He asks her to please let him protect her. Danny also admits his dad stopped visiting him in juvie sometime before Vikram went missing so he doesn’t know anything about the apartment or Regina.

Sarita meets Lacey and tells her everyone has gone to the diner. She also says she knows Lacey is hanging out with Jo and Danny. She says she won’t tell anyone but that Lacey has to choose which group she wants to be friends with.

Lacey meets Danny at Tara’s grave. Danny says he’s realized he’ll never get over what happened, will never have a normal life and will probably never be happy. Lacey says he will be happy and the two start to make out. But she looks at the grave and freaking out, runs off. She heads to the diner and tells Archie they have to talk.

Jo and Tess talk and Jo tells her mom she has feelings for Danny. After Tess tells her it’s normal for her to have a crush on him, Jo tells her she thinks she’s actually in love.

Danny comes home and his mother tells him that she got the job after Kyle gave a personal recommendation on her behalf. Danny starts to ask her about his father but changes his mind.

Kyle apologies to Tess, who in turn apologies and the two kiss and start to make up.

Jo tries calling Danny but he doesn’t answer.ep7 pc4

Lacey shows up at Danny’s house and tells him she’s broken up with Archie. She comes in and tells him that no one can know, implying they’re going to start a relationship.

A police officer shows up at the Masterson’s house and tells Kyle they’ve found the necklace. Kyle looks pleased.

Recap S1 E6: Three for the Road

ep6 pc1At their old club house, Lacey, Jo and Danny discuss Regina’s letter. They mention that the letter was sent from Connecticut and that Regina dated a guy from there last year, but Lacey doesn’t know anything about him.

Back at his house Danny finds the necklace gone. He confronts his mother about it, who says she got rid of it and in turn demands to know how he had it. Danny says he found it in his locker the day after Regina’s murder. Danny realizes Karen is no longer sure of his innocence and is hurt.

Jo and Rico talk at school, and Rico mentions she seems to have a crush on Danny, which Jo denies.

Danny suggests to Lacey they drive up to Connecticut to visit the apartment the letter was sent from. Jo tells them it’s a stupid idea. She also says she can’t go with them because her dad wouldn’t let her, and reminds Danny that leaving the state will violate his probation.

That night Jo gets a text from Danny saying he is about to leave. Downstairs Jo tries to leave the house telling her dad she’s going to study with Rico but Kyle doesn’t believe her and forces her to stay home. Tess and Kyle are also clearly still angry at each other.

Danny tells his mom he’s going for a drive with Lacey. He’s still hurt; though she tries to assure him she was only trying to help him.

Danny meets Lacey and Jo shows up to come along. Lacey and Jo are clearly less than thrilled to be spending time together.

Karen comes over and visits Tess who, along with Kyle, has discovered that Jo has snuck out and are trying to locate her. Karen suggests that she’s with Danny and Lacey, and Kyle leaves to look for her.ep6 pc2

In the car, Lacey, Jo and Danny reminisce about old times and start to fun but things quickly turn frosty again between Jo and Lacey.

Kyle shows up at school where Rico is studying and asks him about Jo, but Rico doesn’t know where she is and says they didn’t have plans. Kyle is angry that Jo lied to him.

Karen and Tess talk about Vikram, and how he used to have a temper. Karen mentions they had a huge fight his last day, because he was drunk and she didn’t want him to take the boat out. Tess mentions he always was stubborn. Karen admires one of pots Tess made and Tess offers to teach her.

Jo and Lacey start to fight, and Danny tricks them into getting out of the car and locks the doors, not letting them in till they makeup. They give each other a reluctant and insincere apology and get back in the car.

Rico arrives at the police station and asks Kyle if he can hang out to make sure Jo gets back safely.

Tess is helping Karen to make a pot. They discuss how Tess and Vikram used to date back in high school before he and Karen got together. They reminisce about getting high in the old days and Tess mentions she still has a stash.

Danny and the girls arrive at the apartment. They ask the security guard who lives in apartment 413 but he thinks they’re up to something and sends them away. Jo and Lacey start to argue about the past. Jo says there was a birthday party when they were 13, that everyone in the class was invited to but her and she found out Lacey had asked for her not to be. Lacey argues that Jo had been difficult and made everyone miserable, and that she hadn’t wanted to talk with Jo about what happened anymore and had just wanted to have fun. The two girls walk away.

Danny talks to Jo and tells her how much he regrets hurting them both and ruining their friendship. The security guard comes out and threatens to call the police and the three drive off.

ep6 pc3Tess and Karen are now both high and start to talk about high school again. Tess lets it slip that she and Vikram had actually continued to hook up after he started dating Karen. Angry, Karen storms off.

Kyle and Rico talk a little about Jo, Danny and the necklace. Rico gets uncomfortable and tries to leave but Kyle suspects he knows something and gets him to stay.

Danny makes Lacey drive back to the apartment. He wants to go in, but Lacey and Jo both argue against it. He asks them not to bail on him like they bailed on each other and walks off alone, finding a way to sneak into the apartment building.

Kyle presses Rico to tell him what he knows but Rico is worried about hurting Jo and leaves.

Danny finds the apartment 413 and the door is wedged open. He goes in to find it empty. And then the security guard catches him.

Lacey gives Jo a genuine apology for everything and Jo tells her it’s alright. They head into the apartment building to look for Danny and find that the guard isn’t at the front desk. Jo gets on his computer to check the building directory and discovers apartment 413 is registered to Vikram Desai.

Danny is questioned by the guard, who mentions that the last person who had lived in the apartment has been dead for several months. As the guard calls the police to report Danny’s break in, Danny sends Lacey a text to let her know what’s happened.

Jo and Lacey are speculating about Vikram and wondering if he’s really dead. They mention how hurt Danny would be if he found out the apartment was registered to his father because they had been so close. Lacey gets Danny’s text.

Karen comes back to Tess’s and admits to overreacting and that it’s okay about Tess and Vikram. She admits her marriage wasn’t perfect. The two go off to finish the pot.

Jo and Lacey come for Danny and make up a story about Danny trying to find a woman he has a crush on and the guard decides to let them leave.

Rico come back to the police station and says he wants to protect Jo, even if it means hurting her in the short run, and ep 6 pc4he tells Kyle that he saw Karen throwing something in the lake, and it might have been a necklace.

As Danny, Jo and Lacey drive home, Danny expresses his frustration that he risked going back to juvie for nothing. Jo and Lacey exchange glances as they don’t tell him what they found out about his dad.

Recap S1 E5: The Fest and the Furious

ep4 pc1Lacey dreams about Regina and the necklace. The dream Regina asks Lacey if she has a thing for Danny and then accuses Danny of being her killer. Lacey wakes up.

Tess, Kyle and Jo watch a news report about the fall festival and how come citizens don’t want Danny to come. Jo tells her mom about Tara’s necklace and then leaves for school.

Rico asks Jo to help him sell pies at the festival but she says she doesn’t want to go. Phoebe, Sarita, Archie and Scott are also not going to the festival. Lacey and Phoebe talk about the necklace, and Phoebe suggests Lacey ask Regina’s mom about it.

At a town meeting, people argue about Danny coming to the festival. A man named Tim is particularly against it. Kyle however points out that it’s not within his power to forbid anyone from going to the festival.

At the diner Jo and Danny talk about how much fun they had at the festival as kids and Jo says he should go and offers to go with him. Lacey comes over and is shocked to learn that Danny is planning on going to the festival. She’s gets even angrier after they tell her about Regina necklace having belonged to Tara and she storms off.

Danny goes to the festival, a lot of people seem unhappy to see him there but he ignores it. Tess is friendly to him and he signs up for her pottery class. Jo comes over and suggests they go to the formal that night. Tess is delighted that Jo wants to go.

Lacey talks to Regina’s mom Gloria and asks her about the necklace but she doesn’t know where Regina got it. Feeling guilty for prying, Lacey offers to help Gloria go through all the condolence letters she’s received.

The Mayor of the town is angry at Kyle that Danny is at the festival and spending time with Jo and Tess. He also accuses him of handling the investigation badly. It’s mentioned that the necklace was in police custody after Tara’s death, then the estate lawyers had it but there’s no record of what happened to it afterwards. They also mention that no murder weapon was found yet but paint was found in the wound on the point of impact.ep5 pc2

Jo and Danny are helping Rico sell pies. Rico is upset with Jo that Danny is helping. Tim, the man who had wanted to keep Danny from the festival shows up and gets in an argument with a woman over Danny’s right to be there. He pushes Danny, who falls and knocks over the pies. Kyle steps in and stops Tim.

Jo tells Rico she’s going to the formal with Danny. He’s surprised and tells her she shouldn’t. Kyle also talks to Danny and tells him he shouldn’t go to the festival either because it will just cause trouble.

Karen talks to Danny’s therapist and tries to find out if it’s possible that her son really is a sociopath.

Danny tells Jo he’s not going to the formal and heads home. Jo is clearly disappointed. As is her mom who points out that Jo was clearly happy about going.

Lacey is going through the condolence notes and finds one that was actually addressed to Regina. Inside is a lot of money and a note saying it’s the finale payment and threatening her not to say anything.

Jo show’s up at Danny’s all dressed up and says how much it would mean to her if he’d go with her to the formal. He agrees and gets dressed. As his mother helps him with his tie she assures him that she will always help him with anything, it’s her job.

Lacey brings the envelope to the festival and considers giving it to Kyle but doesn’t. Danny and Jo show up and the Mayor wants them to leave, but Danny points out that throwing them out will be a much bigger news story then letting them stay and the Mayor reluctantly agrees.

Rico and Jo meet and he says how pretty she looks. She says he looks good too and then turns back to Danny. Rico seems disappointed.

Tess seems ecstatic over how pretty Jo looks and how happy she seems. Danny explains to Kyle that he didn’t come in order to defy him but because Jo wanted him too. As Jo and Danny dance, Tess watches happily, while Rico also watches, clearly upset.

ep5 pc3Danny gets a text message and tells Jo he has to run home for a bit but suggests they meet at the diner. He goes off and meets Lacey. She shows him the letter to Regina, but she doesn’t want to take it to the police immediately in case it had nothing to do with the murder and needlessly tarnishes Regina’s memory. Danny says he refuses to keep it from Jo. He asks why she wanted to meet like this, all alone and then Danny and Lacey kiss.

Jo talks to Rico and invites him to the diner, but he says no and instead asks how she could trust Danny after all the times he’s lied to them. He leaves for home.

At home Kyle and Tess argue. He feels she’s not on his side and is allowing herself to be charmed by a sociopath. She says Jo has been happier then she has in years and accuses Kyle of taking his inability to solve the case out on her, Tess.

Karen walks out on a pier overlooking a lake. She takes out the necklace and looks at it and then throws it into the water.ep5 pc4 Unbeknownst to her, Rico is watching from a distance.

At the diner Jo is excitedly waiting for Danny. Danny comes in with Lacey and Jo looks disappointed. Danny and Lacey sit down with her and start to tell her about the letter to Regina.